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Department of Information Technology

Mobile Computing Terms and Conditions of Use

As a participant in the Mobile Computing Program, you will be provided a SHU issued laptop. Prior to receiving your laptop, you will be required to sign a Laptop License Agreement which verifies receipt of the laptop and peripherals and outlines the terms and conditions of use.

The terms and conditions also vary somewhat for specialty programs. For a copy of those terms and conditions, please contact the Asset Management Office at (973) 313-6181.

Mobile Computing Account Charges and Adjustments

1. Mobile Computing and Technology Fee

All full-time undergraduate students are required to participate in the Mobile Computing Program and are charged a Mobile Computing Access fee for the first four semesters and a technology fee for each Fall and Spring semester that they are enrolled at the University. Visit the University's Tuition and Fees pages to see the current academic year Mobile Computing and Technology fees. These fees are applied to the bursar account of all full-time undergraduate students. If you elect not to participate in the Mobile Computing program, you will still be charged with the program fee. The Mobile Computing and Technology fee include the lease of the laptop, the licensing of the software on the laptop, extended warranty for the length of the lease, University e-mail and network accounts, unlimited access to the Internet when connected to the SHU network, as well as all on-site support and training services provided by the University.

2. Laptop Replacement Fee

When a laptop is reported lost or stolen, a laptop replacement fee, up to $1,000 is charged to the student's bursar account. This fee covers the insurance deductible and any increases in insurance premiums due to the high number of stolen or lost laptops.

3.  Laptop Buy-out Fee

As per the license agreement, any student whose full time status changes is required to return their laptop. These changes include, but are not limited to withdrawal (official or unofficial), with or without intention to return at a later date, non-registration for a semester with or without intention to return at a later date, leave of absence, transfer or a reduction to part-time status, academic and conduct suspensions and medical leave. Students have until the add-drop period of the semester that they are not enrolled to return laptop before the Laptop Buy-out fee is posted. This fee covers the cost of the laptop and is non-refundable.

4. Appeal Process

The Department of Information Technology has instituted an appeal process for special circumstance that pertain to any of the fees listed above. For an explanation of the fees above and for information regarding the appeal process, please contact the Office of Asset Management at (973) 313-6181 or extension 6181 from on campus.

Ownership at Graduation

Students who have completed all of the necessary coursework to graduate, have successfully completed a degree audit, and are in good standing with Enrollment Services are eligible to own their laptop upon graduation from SHU. Graduating seniors must complete a Transfer of Ownership Form to transfer ownership of the laptop from Seton Hall University to you. The laptop will then be yours to keep. You will be responsible for all further maintenance and support of the laptop. SHU will not provide any further support for the laptop.

Laptop Repair Policy

All laptop repairs are done on-site by PC Support Services. Certain charges may apply depending on the nature of the repair. The following guidelines pertain to repairs for laptops issued through the Mobile Computing Program and indicate when charges will apply.

  • All repairs must be made through PC Support Services. If circumstances make it difficult to have the laptop repaired at Seton Hall, prior authorization must be obtained from PCSS to use another Lenovo certified repair shop prior to any repairs.
  • All warranty repairs are provided at no cost by SHU.
  • There will be a charge for any non-warranty, accidental damage to the equipment up to $125.00 per incident. The amount charged per incident will depend on the cost of the parts needed to repair the equipment but will not exceed $125.00 per incident.
  • If there is a hardware or software problem with the laptop that the technician is not able to resolve immediately, a loaner laptop will be issued to the customer until this laptop is repaired.
  • PC Support Services will only support the University Standard hardware and software. If there is a software issue that requires that the laptop be re-imaged, PC Support Services will only restore academic data. The customer is responsible for restoring any personal software or non-academic data.

For additional questions regarding the repair of your laptop, please contact the Technology Service Desk at (973) 275-2222 or visit the Laptop Consultation Technical Support Area located on the first floor of Corrigan Hall.

Student Stolen Equipment

Students are responsible for the loss or theft of the university issued equipment. A laptop replacement fee will be charged to the student's bursar account for any lost or stolen equipment for up to value of the laptop. A replacement laptop will be issued to the student.

All incidents of loss or theft must be reported to the University Public Safety and Security Office as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours after the incident. If the laptop is stolen off-campus, the theft must also be reported to the police department in the municipality in which it was stolen. The student is also responsible for notifying the Asset Management Office and for bringing a copy of the incident report to the Asset Management Office. When the student brings the incident report to the Asset Management Office, an appointment will be scheduled for the student to pick up the replacement laptop.

To contact the Asset Management Office to report a laptop lost or stolen, please call (973) 313-6181 or visit the Asset Management Office in Corrigan Hall Room. 27.

Effective Date
May 6, 2006