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A professor using Teams remotely.As we begin to wrap up the first week of teaching, the Department of Information Technology would like to share some lessons learned as well as outline a few “tech tips” that may help things go a bit smoother in the classroom.

  • If you do not see your class on the Teams panel in the classroom, you may start a channel meeting from Teams on your laptop and invite the room in the participant section of your meeting. To invite the room, start typing the location in the invitation box (e.g. Fahy 131). This will invite the room by calling it. Next, go to the Teams panel and accept the call on the panel.
  • If you'd like all of your class meetings for the semester to appear on the Teams panel in the room, use the following guide to schedule a recurring meeting:
  • For Channel meetings, such as classes, the recording is stored in the Team in a folder named Recordings. The permissions are automatically inherited so all students enrolled in the class will automatically have access to the recordings. For non-Channel meetings, the recording is stored in a folder named Recordings of the OneDrive that belongs to the person who started the meeting recording. A detailed guide on recordings is available here.
  • To avoid speaker feedback and echo in the classroom, any students in the classroom and the instructor should mute the microphone and speakers on their laptops.
  • In rooms with a second display, the projector in the front will remain blank until you share content. To share content to the projector, click the share button in your meeting control bar in Teams. If you intend to share audio from a video, check the “include computer sound” checkbox.
  • If you have clicked the share button but the projector is not showing the content, double check that you are in the same meeting as the room. The classroom will appear as an attendee in your participant section of the meeting.

General Tips:

  • If you would like to schedule on-site support with a Media Services technician, please use this form to make an appointment.
  • Review the Teams classroom video and printable guide. The video and guide will give you the basic idea of what you need to do in your assigned room.
  • Arrive to the classroom early, when possible, to better familiarize yourselves with the available technology. If you have an issue, contact (973) 275-2222.
  • Instructors can now create breakout rooms in advance of the class meeting. A detailed guide of new breakout room features is available here.
  • Guest speakers can be invited either before or during a meeting. A guide for inviting guest speakers is available here.
  • For those teaching in a room without a secondary display that allows you to see your remote students, you can share your PowerPoint directly within Teams, via PowerPoint Live. If you prefer to use the PowerPoint app instead, follow this guide to learn how to extend your display.

Thank you for your patience as we smooth out any remaining bumps and continue to make the Spring 2022 semester a success.

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