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New Podcast Service Available  

Starting a podcast has never been easier. The Department of Information Technology is happy to announce Podbean is now available for free to all students, faculty, and staff.

Podbean is an easy and powerful way to create and promote your podcast. With Podbean you can publish your audio and video podcasts in a few quick steps. Your podcasts are easy to distribute and can reach Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, the Podbean Podcast app and more. Measure your success with industry-leading podcast statistics so you can track how your podcast is doing and get insights into your audience.

To get started, Request a Free Podcast Account


Podbean offers a user-friendly interface that integrates publishing, management, syndication and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting package. This web-based system allows users to publish, manage and promote podcasts in a point-and-click, blog-like environment, requiring minimal technical knowledge. Podbean’s share and embed tools make it easy for publishers to integrate podcasts into a website, blogs and social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WordPress.


The Podbean app is one of the most popular podcast apps for iOS and Android, and can also be used to play podcasts via Amazon Alexa. It’s a great option for podcast audiences to enjoy their favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime. Podcasters can also record and publish right from the Podbean app.

All Seton Hall Podbean accounts offer unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage. All Podbean accounts come with a customizable podcast site, a feed for iTunes, Google Play and other sites, and the ability to integrate with an existing website. Users can measure the success of their podcast with Podbean’s enhanced statistics.

To get started, Request a Free Podcast Account

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