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LinkedIn Learning Champion Program Application Available  

Student ambassadors Carina and Steven.Whether you are hoping to land an awesome job or build skills to support your academic success the unique experiences you gain in the LinkedIn Learning Champion Program will set you up to always be learning and will set you apart from the competition in the job market

As a learning champion you will support your peers in leveling their skills, so they can confidently tackle all challenges faced during their time in higher education and get them career ready.

In addition, you will get an inside look into LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn. You will receive advanced training, resources and support from LinkedIn

Applications are due September 30, 2020. Apply now


  • Professional Brand
    • Build  online  presence connected  to  your academic  & career goals
    • Share what  you’re learning  in LinkedIn Learning’s  Library
    • Cultivate  new  skills around branding, marketing,  & communication
  • Writing
    • Find  your  authentic voice
    • Write  about  your experiences  from  newly acquired  skills  to meaningful  connections with others
    • Publishing  articles  on LinkedIn,  personal blogs & in  the campus newspaper
  • Public Speaking
    • Prepare  a speech  or presentation
    • Gain practical experience  in delivering a presentation  to  a targeted audience
    • Create a training session  or  host a webinar
    • Present  virtually  or  faceto-face
  • Team Building
    • Focus on  collaboration & leadership skills
    • Communicate to a team or organization
    • Building  projects  with fellow students  like  a Learning  Week Campaign,  a  LinkedIn Learning  Conference or a LinkedIn Learning Bootcamp
  • Reflection
    • Reflect  on what professional skills you’ve  gained &  put into practice
    • Critically  give  feedback on how  to  improve the program  for  future cohorts
    • Summarize a capstone project  in either  a  350word  essay  or  3-minute video

How it Works

The LinkedIn Learning Champion program extends over the course of 6 months. Students define initiative & execute projects while managing their academic workload.

  1. Join the group
  2. Complete 2 courses
  3. Attend a live virtual training

What Champions Do

  • Be a LinkedIn Insider
    • Build a professional  brand  with  your LinkedIn  profile.
    • Get inside  knowledge  on  data insights.
    • Leverage  all the insider  tools  & resources
  • Grow your skills
    • Identify  your  interests  &  potential career  options.
    • Use  data  to  pinpoint  the exact  skills you  need.
  • Inspire others
    • Elevate your  skills  by  helping  others discover  their  learning  goals.
    • Share the benefits of  LinkedIn & LinkedIn Learning.
    • Become an inspirational leader  on your campus.

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