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Welcome to the Pre-Professional Advising Center

The Seton Hall University Pre-Professional Advising Center (P-PAC) has been developed to provide holistic developmental advising, academic coaching, skill building workshops, and application cycle preparation for scholars interested in pursuing careers in medicine and other healthcare fields. 

We specialize in advising, coaching, developing and preparing applicants for the following professional schools/programs: 

  • Medical School (MD/DO)
  • Dental School
  • Optometry School
  • Pharmacy School
  • Podiatry School
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Speech Pathology programs
  • Athletic Training programs
  • Occupational Therapy programs
  • Physician Assistant programs
  • Physical Therapy programs

 Every scholar’s journey to professional school is unique and we are here to provide a wide range of support as you navigate the process and make informed decisions. P-PAC provides various opportunities for academic, personal and professional skill development as you prepare for your next step in your professional career. 

The PPAC is more than just an advising center; it's your pre-health resource, your space, your community, and your ultimate pre-health hub.

All things Health Professions


  • 1:1 Advising and Small Group Advising: Our dedicated professional advisors are here to provide personalized guidance on your pre-health/health professions journey. Whether you have questions about pre-requisite courses, extracurricular clinical activities, or the application process, we've got you covered.
  • Informative Sessions and Workshops: Stay informed and well-prepared with our informative sessions and workshops. We cover everything from MCAT preparation to acing medical school interviews.
  • Weekly Health Professions Huddles: Join our weekly huddles to connect with fellow pre-health scholars, share experiences, and gain valuable insights from guest speakers and experts in the field.
  • Academic Success Coaching: Struggling with your medical school pre-requisites? We here to help you develop effective study strategies and time management skills.
  • Application Preparation: Get step-by-step guidance on preparing your application for health professional schools, including medical and dental school. 
  • Exploration Opportunities: Explore various health professions and network with professionals in the field through our networking events and career panels.
  • Peer Mentoring: Benefit from the wisdom and experience of your peers
  • Weekly Newsletter: Stay in the loop with our weekly newsletter, packed with announcements, events, clinical opportunities, and invaluable information for the pre-health community.

Preparation for professional school starts from day 1 of your undergraduate career. Students are encouraged to connect and meet with the P-PAC first semester of freshman year of college and continue every semester throughout the undergraduate journey to professional school. Consistent advising appointments are advised to ensure students are meeting professional school requirements and developing into competitive applicants.

Note: You are still required to meet with your academic advisor each semester for your registration pin. Sessions at the P-PAC focus specifically on preparation and development for professional school. 

Resources, events, and information will be gradually added and updated. We are taking appointments for individual advising via COMPASS.

Whether you need help figuring out which professional field is right for you, how to become a competitive applicant or want assistance with your application – we are here to help! We look forward to working alongside you as you prepare for your professional career! 

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Seton Hall University
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Thank you for your interest in joining the P-PAC Pre-Health listserv! This listserv is our main method of communicating with the greater pre-health community at SHU. Your answers to the form below will help guide the focus of the content included in future emails. Communication sent through this listserv may include general professional school information, strategies on how to be successful, news on upcoming events, programming, opportunities and much more!