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College of Arts and Sciences

Outcomes - B.A., Political Science

Outcomes and Assessment

Seton Hall University embraces the principle that effective and meaningful assessment is an integral part of the educational process. This principle is at the heart of our commitment to meet our responsibilities to our students, professions, and the communities that we serve.

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After graduating with a B.A. in Political Science, students will be able to: 


  1. Recognize and discuss important texts, movements and contributors to the subfields of political science. 
  2. Understand the major methodological approaches to the study of political science and public policy and identify the use of these approaches within the scholarly literature of political science.  
  3. Use basic political science and public affairs terminology in their writing. 
  4. Demonstrate skill in critical interpretation and close reading of texts related to political science and public affairs. 
  5. Recognize references to debates, tensions and major developments in political science and public affairs as they arise in the scholarly literature and in discussion of political topics generally, and use political science and public affairs training to increase civic participation. 
  6.  Write an essay/paper on a political science-related topic that presents a thesis and develops that  thesis in a clear and well-organized format and utilizes analysis, synthesis, extrapolation, inferencing and decision making . Where possible and appropriate, students will utilize technology in research and in presentation of that research.