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occupational therapy career planning

Career Planning

The demand for occupational therapists continues to be high, with data showing continuous growth for the profession through 2020. Many of our students receive job offers before they graduate, and our alumni are practicing in a variety of settings:

  • pediatrics, especially in school systems
  • nursing homes
  • hospitals
  • rehabilitation centers
  • private clinics
  • home care
  • hand therapy

Industry Associations:

Professional Certification/Licensing Information

Seton Hall supports our students through the process of licensing and certification. Completion of the occupational therapy program prepares our students to take the National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam and obtain licensure.

The Career Center at Seton Hall University

This on-campus resource gives our graduates the tools to get their careers off to a strong start. Students and graduates have access to many benefits through The Career Center, including:

  • One- on -one career counseling
  • Individualized career development and management plans
  • Online career assessments
  • Career events, including resume writing workshops and interview clinics
  • Pirate Mentor Program with access to an extensive network of thousands of Seton Hall alumni