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College of Nursing

Spring Healthcare Professional Development Offerings for Aspiring Nurses

NurseThe College of Nursing, in collaboration with the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies, is offering four exciting opportunities this spring for healthcare professionals to enhance their skills and advance in their careers. These courses are designed to provide valuable knowledge and practical experience in various aspects of healthcare. 

Continuing education courses enable professionals to stay informed about the latest healthcare trends, research and techniques. "Continuous learning and upskilling in the health fields, particularly nursing, are crucial for staying updated on advancements in the field and delivering high-quality care," said Mary Kate Naatus, assistant provost and dean of the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies.

That’s why Seton Hall University is offering four upcoming healthcare programs to professionals.

Many healthcare fields and specialties use ultrasonography as a crucial tool to identify and analyze sonographic images to diagnose and treat many medical conditions. Introduction to Critical Care Ultrasonography introduces participants to ultrasonographical examination to detect cardiac, pulmonary, vascular and abdominal abnormalities. "Critical care ultrasound has gained its place in the armamentarium of monitoring tools for patients who are hospitalized to gain a better understanding of lung, abdominal, and vascular diagnoses quickly and efficiently," said Moira Kendra, clinical instructor at the College of Nursing. "Ultrasound is viewed as a diagnostic test, but it also compliments the physical examination that is completed by the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN). Ultrasound permits the assessment of urgent diagnoses in combination with therapeutic decisions that can save a patient’s life." 

The course consists of a didactic presentation of the theory of ultrasonography and a hands-on experience in performing ultrasonographical examination techniques on standardized patients. This one-day course will take place on April 13, 2024. 

It is highly suggested for current nurse practitioner students or registered nurses looking to pursue advanced education to refresh their knowledge of their undergraduate basic health assessment skills prior to advancing in their graduate education. The Basic Health Assessment Refresher course is a great course to fulfill those needs. This five and half week asynchronous, self-paced online course will teach students how to complete a head-to-toe physical assessment in a systematic manner by demonstrating the skills and techniques on their mentor.  

Nurses have a responsibility to handle their patients with care. This is certainly true for those who handle and prescribe controlled drug substances to their patients. The Prescribing Controlled Dangerous Substances is a six-hour course that addresses the key concepts required to safely prescribe controlled substances that meet the requirements for Advanced Practice Nurses (ANP) to be licensed to prescribe controlled substances in NJ. Participants will be lead through the learning of pharmacologic properties of various controlled drug substances; indications and considerations for safe utilization, prevention and management of addictions; prevention and management of impaired practice among health professionals; and the current New Jersey State licensure requirements related to prescribing controlled drug substances. This course will take place on May 14, 2024. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1 in 5 adults and youth either currently or at some point in their life had a seriously debilitating mental illness. As healthcare practitioners, it’s important to identify signs of depression and anxiety in patients and have the knowledge to intervene and provide resources to those who need help. Offered on June 1, 2024, the Adult Mental Health First Aid (AMHFA) Certification Program is a seven-hour training designed to give an overview of the prevalence and impact of mental health problems in the United States; outline the signs, symptoms, possible risk factors and warning signs of depression and anxiety; introduce the MHFA action plan and how it fits within the array of interventions available to address mental health problems; and delineate the role of the Mental Health First Aider.

"In our continuing education division, we work closely with faculty colleagues in Nursing and other academic fields to strategically prioritize leadership, technology, and healthcare, acknowledging these areas as vital for driving innovation, enhancing patient outcomes, and shaping the future of healthcare delivery," said Naatus.

With these professional development courses at Seton Hall, healthcare practitioners alike can enhance their skills, meet professional requirements, and pursue career advancement. Most importantly, by staying current with the latest healthcare knowledge and enhancing their skills, they will be able to provide better care to their patients. 

For further information or questions on any courses, please email [email protected].

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