Buccino Leadership Institute

Timothy Smith

History major

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Servant leadership is the most important aspect of a true leader, in my opinion. To be a servant leader you must already have strong leadership skills, but the ability to use those skills for the betterment of the common good."

headshot image of Timothy SmithWhether it's within the community or beyond, he has always strived to help those in need. After his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, he channeled his passion to serve toward a career where he could do so: the medical field. Seeing the doctors calm Timothy and his mother's fears and work tirelessly for months to find a solution motivated him to help others. Going in and out of the hospital for over a year allowed Timothy to gain a greater interest in the field. The role that resonated most with Timothy in his trips was anesthesiology. From then on, a goal has been set in his mind. 

Although medicine is the final goal, Timothy enjoys history and humanities classes. After being accepted into the Seton Hall Honors Program, which emphasizes history, Tim decided to pursue his passions: history and medicine. To achieve this, he enrolled at Seton Hall University, majoring in history. Along with completing his history degree, Tim is taking all of the prerequisite classes to go to medical school upon completing his four years at The Hall. By taking this variety of classes, Tim hopes to become a well-rounded student and medical school candidate. 

The Buccino Leadership Institute is what brought Timothy to Seton Hall. The Institute stresses that anyone can be a leader. It also provides Tim with multiple channels of feedback, allowing him to analyze his strengths and improve his weaknesses as a leader. Tim hopes to not only be a great doctor to his future patients but to be a great leader and an example in both the workplace and society.  

Seton Hall Career Highlights:  

  • Competitively selected into the Buccino Leadership Institute 
  • Member of the Honors Program