Buccino Leadership Institute

Sophia Dinman

Political Science major

Leesburg, Virginia

"I believe that good leadership is leading by example, and that great leaders never ask of others something that they would not do themselves." 

Headshot image of Sophia DinmanSophia considers herself lucky to have grown up surrounded by strong women. She grew up listening to her paternal grandmother's stories of immigrating to the United States to escape Nazi persecution. Sophia is honored to call this resilient woman her grandmother and is proud of her family's Jewish history. Sophia also considers herself lucky to have been raised by a Catholic mother. Humorously nicknamed Mother Teresa by her friends, she taught Sophia how to lead by example. "My mother is the personification of a servant leader, who performs small, selfless actions without asking or wishing for any recognition." Her mother's devotion to others has shown Sophia how small acts of kindness can have great impacts. Growing up amongst these strong Catholic and Jewish women has given Sophia a unique perspective on faith, duty, and service to the community and has influenced her decision to pursue political science at Seton Hall.  

As a political science major, Sophia is undecided on the field she would like to explore after graduation. However, through her involvement in the Buccino Leadership Institute, she has developed skills, positioning her for success in her future endeavors. Sophia attributes her role as policy coordinator PERIOD SHU to the Institute. PERIOD SHU is the campus's chapter of PERIOD, a global non-profit hoping to end the global stigma surrounding menstruation. Sophia is passionate about women's health but expresses how it has been a learning experience discussing and working for such a taboo topic. "PERIOD club would have been extremely out of my comfort zone in high school. I recognize that menstrual equality is an important subject that affects women everywhere." Although it may be difficult to discuss at times, the presence of strong women in Sophia's life encourages her to continue working to make a difference for other women in the world. Sophia is confident that the education that she is receiving from Seton Hall, the Buccino Leadership Institute, and other campus organizations will allow her to make an impact in her community and help various women around the world.  

Seton Hall Career Highlights: 

  • Competitively selected into the Buccino Leadership Institute 
  • Policy Coordinator for PERIOD SHU 
  • Member of the Buccino Leadership Institute's Diversity and Inclusion Initiative 
  • Member of the PirateTHON Initiative 
  • Member of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority