Buccino Leadership Institute

Rishi Shah

Joint Bachelor’s/M.D. Program major

East Hanover, New Jersey

"To be a good leader, one must become comfortable with being uncomfortable, to be brave enough to make tough decisions, and to be able to empathize with others and acknowledge their needs. I always have and will continue to strive to become this kind of leader." 

Headshot image of Rishi ShahRishi discovered his passion for service and medicine after an incident in which his grandfather went into cardiac arrest. As the only person who knew CPR at home, he performed the procedure for 25 minutes, resuscitating his grandfather before first responders arrived. "It was a surreal experience; even doctors at the hospital thanked me personally for doing CPR and saving his life. I never imagined I could save anyone's life, let alone someone so close to me." This experience inspired Rishi to pursue more medical experiences. He began volunteering at his local First Aid Squad, serving first as a cadet and now as an Emergency Medical Technician(EMT). From these two hands-on experiences, Rishi learned about the impact medicine has in helping those when they are at their weakest. He also discovered his desire to serve others. Thus, he made it his mission to become a physician to serve, at the highest level, those who have become vulnerable and help them become better versions of themselves. 

One of the most important reasons Rishi chose to come to Seton Hall because of the Joint Bachelor's/ M.D. program. As part of this program at Seton Hall, he has been able to immerse himself in a diverse curriculum of science and the humanities. He has had the opportunity to learn from many renowned professors at Seton Hall. They have not only helped Rishi understand different courses but pushed him to become a better student. Finally, the program allowed him to explore undergraduate research. Rishi currently researches stress hormones under Dr. Moldow, an important experience in helping him develop skillsets for lab work that will be essential for any future work he will do as a medical student and physician. 

Rishi is a charismatic leader who prides himself on his compassion and his work ethic. However, he recognizes his leadership skills are not perfectly developed. As a result, he looks forward to working with the Buccino Leadership Institute to hone his leadership skills and develop as a leader. Beyond the Institute, Rishi serves as an Arts and Science Senator for the Student Government Association, Vice-chair for the Dean's Undergraduate Student Cabinet, an interviewer for the Seton Hall Undergraduate Leaders Podcast, and member of the Student Conduct Review Board. Driven by his unwavering passion for service, Rishi hopes to continue on this path of servant leadership while also participating in shadowing and research experiences as he advances further into his academic career at Seton Hall. 

Seton Hall Career Highlights:

  • Competitively Selected into the Buccino Leadership Institute 
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant 
  • Arts & Science Senator and Parliamentarian of the Student Government Association  
  • Vice-Chair and Biology representative of the Dean's Undergraduate Student Cabinet  
  • Seton Hall Undergraduate Leaders Podcast Interviewer 
  • Student Conduct Review Board 
  • Emergency Medical Technician for the East Hanover First Aid Squad