Buccino Leadership Institute

Madisyn Travisano

Journalism major

Glendale, California

"When you are a leader, you have to always remember two things. One, never stop growing to be the best leader you can. And two, be a leader that someone can always go to for help."

Portrait of Madisyn TravisanoMadisyn comes from a highly motivated, ambitious, and involved background. At her high school, she was the basketball statistician for two years and Student Body President. She spends her summers working with kids at summer camps. Her favorite place that she has visited is London and she believes that "the best experiences are through traveling."

Being a California native, there is something special about Seton Hall that drew her across the country. She fell in love with the East Coast. As a journalism major, the accessibility to New York City, the media capital of the world, was "unbeatable." Another aspect that she liked about Seton Hall was that it is a relatively small school, but still provides the opportunity to meet new people every day. Her acceptance into the Buccino Leadership Institute was a factor in her attending Seton Hall as well.

As a founding member of the Communication and the Arts leadership cohort, Madisyn is thrilled for the future opportunities it will bring her. Having an extensive background with leadership, this program gave her a sense of home and familiarity. Her reaction when she first heard about it was "this is me." Going into a predominantly male-dominated field, this program will give her incredible experiences and skills to further her career.

Sports are essential to Madisyn's character, with football and baseball as her favorites. Her dream job is to be a sideline reporter for the NFL. Being a passionate advocate for education and loving working with young kids, she would also want to go back to school to get an education degree.

Seton Hall Career Highlights Box:

  • Competitively selected to be in the first Buccino Leadership Institute cohort
  • Works as SHU sportswriter for the Setonian 
  • Very involved with the SHU sports network