Buccino Leadership Institute

Jillian Greene


"Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals."

jillian greene x288Jillian Greene is the embodiment of how there is no limit to what great minds can really do. Although Jillian has had to go through more hardships than most, she has consistently proved her superior leadership and perseverance through these difficult times. Whether you are observing her role as the captain of her high school varsity cheerleading team, being an impactful senior peer leader for her high school’s freshmen or being a role model for her twin sister, it is clear to see how leadership comes natural to Jillian Greene.

One of the obstacles Jillian is currently facing is the fact that she is still undecided about her major. Nonetheless, she views this from an optimistic perspective when she states, "It can be intimidating seeing all of my peers know exactly what career path they’re taking when I am still unsure. Though, instead of rushing to declare a major, I am doing outside research to make sure that I find a field that I exceed in as well as enjoy doing. No matter what major I decide, leadership is an imperative aspect in any one I choose. All in all, I believe learning how to be a strong leader will set me up for a bright future." Similar to any other obstacle Jillian has faced in her lifetime, there is no doubt that she will tackle this challenge and come out on top.

Seton Hall was always top of Jillian's list when choosing a college, but the award-winning Buccino Leadership Institute really helped confirm this choice. When the tour guide first mentioned that there was a leadership and honors program, she knew that she wanted to be an active member in at least one. She states, "It was a difficult choice at first because I took honors classes in high school, so I was used to that setting. However, once I looked more into the Buccino Leadership Institute, I knew that this would be a challenge I wanted to take on."

Although academics are a top priority for Jillian Greene, she also believes highly that being a well-rounded student is the key to growth. While Jillian is an active member on the Dean’s List every semester, she is also a part of Greek Life, the Leadership Institute and an athlete on the Seton Hall Cheer Team. Balancing these tasks and performing well in them helps Jillian to learn how to multitask and apply the leadership techniques she learns in various areas.

When talking to a non-leadership student about the course, Jillian often finds herself being asked the question, "Why would you put so much effort into a non-credit class?" Jillian responds, "I love being asked this question because the answer is easy. While there may be no physical credits added to my transcript, theoretical credits are added to my own skills. By taking this course, I am only enhancing my abilities to become a better leader both for myself and others. The only way to improve is to be surrounded with other leaders who want success just as much as I do." Thus, Jillian Greene proves that there is no stopping a student with passion and perseverance, as she hopes to make an impact on the Buccino Leadership Institute at Seton Hall.

Seton Hall Career Highlights:

  • Competitively Selected into the Buccino Leadership Institute
  • Athlete on Seton Hall Cheerleading Team
  • Member of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority