Buccino Leadership Institute

Jiaqi Liu

Diplomacy and International Relations, Public Relations majors;

Mexico City, Mexico

"Leaders with empathy do more than relate to other people, they inspire and motivate them, and ultimately, they have the ability to empower their community. You can be the smartest, the fastest, or simply the most apt. But if you lack empathy, you won’t make it far."

Image of Jiaqi LiuPassionate, dedicated, and committed are three words that people would use to describe Jiaqi. Growing up in a family of farmers from the Chinese countryside, Jiaqi's life completely changed when she moved to Mexico at the age of 3, and then to New York at the age of 15. Since then, she has embraced both the Mexican and American cultures as her own.

Invested in making a positive impact on those around her, during high school, Jiaqi volunteered over 200 hours in soup kitchens, parks, hospitals, and even abroad. In addition, she has also organized activities over a period of 3 years that have raised a total of $41,000 for a Lasallian school in Kenya, Africa.

Hoping to continue her legacy of servant leadership, Jiaqi is currently a double major in Public Relations and Diplomacy, "I want people to know there is someone who cares. I want to be more than just a leader; I want to be a guide, and I strongly believe that the Buccino Leadership Institute will grant me that opportunity."

Currently, Jiaqi is involved in several groups such as FLASH (Filipino League at Seton Hall), FLASH Dance Troupe, and Blue Crew (Admissions). She is also the co-founder and Public Relations Chairperson for Unidos Bailamos, the latest Latin dance club on campus, in which she has increased membership by 300% over a period of 6 months.

So far, Jiaqi's passion for public relations and diplomacy is best reflected in her latest internship with Tugget, a tourism start-up business that aims to create affordable learning opportunities abroad for Mexican students in Canada and the United States. During her time with Tugget, she increased the company’s visibility and advised low-income students.

To date, Jiaqi continues to strive for excellence in both her studies and activities. As an upcoming interdisciplinary team leader pushing to implement new environmental sustainability measures at Seton Hall, she shows great interest in community development and corporate social responsibility.

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Seton Hall Career Highlights:

  • Competitively selected to be in the Buccino Leadership Institute.  
  • New York State Senate’s nominee on the Youth Leadership Awards Program.  
  • Public Relations Chairperson of Unidos Bailamos 
  • Seton Hall Blue Crew 
  • Member of FLASH and FLASH DT. 
  • Co-Chair of Community Development for Communication and the Arts Cohort