Buccino Leadership Institute

Jasleen Chadha

Biology major

Hightstown, New Jersey

"Two of the most important qualities a leader can possess, in my opinion, include commitment and passion. A motivating leader who energizes his or her followers by getting their own hands dirty is very respectable."

Image of Jasleen Chadha A rising leader and motivated scholar, Jasleen Chadha strives to build connections and better the world. She has an unmatched passion for helping others and a dedication to becoming a future healthcare professional. At Seton Hall University, Jasleen develops herself into a more grounded leader ready to serve others in the workforce. From the Buccino Leadership Institute, she discovers she has gained valuable skills that her peers outside of the program may lack.

Ever since high school, Jasleen has had an interest in bettering herself as a leader. She attended conferences at Harvard University and American University to tap into her potential. Jasleen was, and remains, involved in extracurricular activities as well. Through volunteering and mentoring, Jasleen gives back to the community while absorbing as much knowledge as she can. Thus far, she has volunteered in an assisted living facility, tutored children with special needs, and interned at a physical therapy center.

One passion in particular that Jasleen emphasizes is mental health. She is certified in Mental Health First Aid and volunteers for crisis text lines, hoping to make a difference in peoples lives. Jasleen explains, "I want to be there for someone because sometimes that is all that they need." On top of mental health, Jasleen also has a strong passion for physical health and fitness. She finds working out is yet another way to push herself and work hard every day.

In the future, Jasleen plans to become a doctor and use her gifts to improve the lives of others. She is dedicated to becoming more involved in the leadership program and hopes to walk out of it as the best version of herself.

Seton Hall Career Highlights:

  • Competitively selected into the Buccino Leadership Institute