Buccino Leadership Institute

Jada Gomillion

Occupational Therapy major

Union, New Jersey

"A great leader should be collaborative, adaptable, and creative in order to inspire and empower others."

jada gomillion x288Jada Gomillion has always exhibited a passion for helping others. In various situations she found herself taking on leadership roles and accepting responsibilities without hesitation. She realized the positive impact she had on others.

Jada learned about Occupational Therapy at a young age and was convinced that it was the career for her. As she continued to observe Occupational Therapists in various settings, her passion grew stronger. She took the initiative to gain hands on experience. Jada is a volunteer at a basketball clinic for children with special needs where she provides one-on-one assistance to the athletes. Jada also volunteers at an Occupational Therapy private practice in New Jersey. “I have seen Occupational Therapists change lives and that is truly inspiring to me.” Jada’s career goal is to open her own private practice with a family centered approach.

Jada chose to attend Seton Hall University because of the outstanding Occupational Therapy Program and excellent academic and internship opportunities. In addition, she was drawn to the amazing school spirit and Pirate pride. Jada felt a strong sense of community at Seton Hall. When Jada heard about the Buccino Leadership Institute, she was thrilled. She knew the institute would provide her with valuable opportunities to grow as a leader. Jada continues to develop her leadership skills while surrounded by inspiring leaders and coaches.

Jada is currently very involved on campus. She is a member of multiple clubs and has enjoyed being Director of Social Media for her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. She participates in service projects through Alpha Gamma Delta and in collaboration with other Greek organizations. Jada also manages a personal social media business that she developed with her brother. These experiences have given Jada the opportunity to apply her leadership skills and knowledge.

Jada believes there is always more to learn. She takes on new challenges to improve as a leader. Whether it’s at Seton Hall or in her career, she aims to influence people in a positive way.

Seton Hall Career Highlights:

  • Competitively Selected into the Buccino Leadership Institute
  • Director of Social Media for Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority
  • Member of Psychology Club
  • Member of Undergraduate Occupational Therapy Organization