Buccino Leadership Institute

Evan Stull

Chemistry, Philosophy majors;

Byram Township, New Jersey

"Leadership is realizing the effect you have on people, and instead of choosing to make an impact on the world, you choose to make an impact on people's hearts."

Evan StullAlthough Evan, at first glance appears to be a student content with his circle, unwilling to branch out, he is anything but that. Evan studies Pre Medical Chemistry and Philosophy at Seton Hall because he wants to know how, and why the world works.

Since growing up in Byram Township, New Jersey, Evan's curiosity never faltered. He took an interest in every subject without exception and learned as much as he could in each. There was never a point where Evan believed he had learned enough.

His nature took full hold at Seton Hall, where he decided to intake even more information from the activities around him. He actively participates in chemistry research, independent philosophy sessions, the student government, and much more.

In his free time, he tutors his friends and other students in his classes on areas they have trouble with, tries new baking recipes, and practices his graphic design skills to send back home to his sister. Even if he can't be the best at everything, Evan is happy with enjoying the things he can do.

Just as a chemist carefully selects chemicals to dissolve and refine an impure substance until it is a perfectly pure crystal, Evan systematically breaks down all his known solutions until he finds one that works the best at solving a set problem. If he doesn't find a perfect match, then he starts looking for a better one.

It was in the Buccino Leadership Institute that Evan learned how he values himself in a team setting. In the Interdisciplinary Team projects (IDTs), Evan found many of his group strengths. In the feedback he got, one word showed up consistently: "passion." Evan enjoys putting his all into every task he sets his mind to and works his hardest to ensure that every outcome is the best it could have been.

Evan wants to become a leader worthy of the Buccino Leadership Institute to inspire others to enjoy as much of life as possible and always have a passion for learning. To Evan, that very drive to enjoy as much as one can is the greatest desire there is.

Seton Hall Career Highlights:

  • Competitively Selected into the Buccino Leadership Institute
  • Arts and Sciences senator in the Student Government Association
  • Chair of Academic Affairs
  • Buccino Arts and Sciences Admissions Committee Member
  • Arts and Sciences Deans Undergraduate Student Cabinet member