Buccino Leadership Institute

Allison Deguchi

Biology, Physician Assistant majors;

San Jose, California United States

"We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends." -Mary McLeod Bethune 

Allison DeguchiFrom a young age, giving back to the community has been a large part of Allison’s life. She has participated in activities such as supporting underprivileged children in her hometown through organizations like Los Bomberos of Northern California. Additionally, one of her most impactful experiences was participating in her school district’s inaugural Unified Sports event. Athletes and Special Education students from around the district came together to compete in a relay race. She realized that "not only do these events equip you with essential skills such as the ability to communicate with different groups of people, it also allows them to come together and learn new things about each other."

When applying to college, Allison saw Seton Hall as the most promising place to continue her growth and challenge herself. With numerous internships and opportunities like the Buccino Leadership Institute at her fingertips, she was excited to attend a university committed to preparing its students to succeed in their future endeavors.

On campus, Allison continued to follow her passion to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. As an Executive Board member of RallyCap Sports, a club that works with children with special needs, she hopes to continue to get more students involved. She feels this program is important. "Diversity enables us to consider different perspectives to come up with the best solutions to effectively create a better system and ultimately improve our nation." She also joined the University’s Inclusion Alliance. Here, she spent weeks alongside her colleagues learning how racism and implicit bias are rooted in our individual lives and how to facilitate meaningful dialogues about the issue. She educates freshmen and initiates conversations to reflect on how race and privilege affect them and their community.

After graduation, Allison aspires to work in the healthcare field. She wants to address and raise awareness about inequalities in the healthcare system. Potential solutions could include implementing new measures to expand healthcare and make it more accessible to underserved communities. Her volunteer experience in clinical settings and involvement in programs at Seton Hall will enable her to achieve her goals.

Seton Hall Career Highlights: 

  • Competitively selected for Buccino Leadership Institute 
  • Executive Board member of RallyCap Sports  
  • Active member of the University’s Inclusion Alliance  
  • Active member of the Diversity and Inclusion Alliance Initiative  
  • Active member of Alpha Phi Omega