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Seton Hall University
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Treasures We Harvest In Community and Society

The Economic and Social Impact of Seton Hall University


"Seton Hall is proud to be an outwardlooking, active, and engaged citizen of the region, state, and nation. We look forward to the strengthening the already vital partnership between the University and our neighbors."

Joseph E. Nyre, Ph.D., President, Seton Hall University

Annual Economic Impact

Economic Impact

$1.6 billion

Jobs Supported


Economic Impact by Category

  • Operations


  • Capital


  • Ancillary Spending


  • Wage Premium



Tax Revenue Impact
To New Jersey

  $64 million

 Annual Operations

$288m Direct Operating Footprint
$531m Statewide Economic Impact
3,800 Jobs Supported Statewide
$16m State Tax Revenue

 Capital Investments

$39m Average Annual Capital Outlays
$67m Statewide Economic Impact
320 Jobs Supported Statewide
$1m State Tax Revenue

 Ancillary Spending

$40m Student and Visitor Spending
$68m Statewide Economic Impact
570 Jobs Supported Statewide
$2m State Tax Revenue

  Wage Premium

$873m Direct Wage Premium
$927m Statewide Economic Impact
5000 Jobs Supported Statewide
$45m State Tax Revenue

Leading by Values, Serving the Community

A Commitment to Service
Over 3,000 Seton Hall students and staff volunteer over 50,000 hours of community service hours each year, providing direct benefits to the surrounding communities.

Commitment to Service

Building Civic Capacity
Seton Hall invests $1 million a year in local community-serving organizations, and provides volunteer programs such as Service on Saturdays, in which Seton Hall students take part in service work, including park beautification.

Building Civic Capacity

Devoting Resources Directly to Communities
Seton Hall students take part in service work, such as work in food kitchens, as part of Service on Saturdays. The University invests regular financial contributions to the Hunger and Homelessness Food Drive and the Love Thy Neighbor Drive initiative.

Devoting Resources

Lifting Up Local Youth
The University's Upward Bound program provides critical pre-college exposure to high school students from limited income families who will be first generation college students. In 2021, the program served 131 students.

Lifting Up Local Youth

A Force for Good at the Regional and Societal Level

Strengthening the Regional Economy by Supporting Small Businesses
Market Research Center (MCR) provides critical research services to the area’s business community, currently running 23 projects serving 18 businesses, with 122 student participants, leaving a positive impact on the regional economy with a more robust tax base and a stronger labor market.

Strengthening Regional Economy

Access and Affordability
Seton Hall offers $149 million a year in scholarships and financial aid, improving the return on investment (ROI) to students, their families, and society as a whole.

Access Affordability

Integrating Service and Spirituality
Seton Hall students and sta serve 10,000+ hours domestically and abroad through DOVE – which, over 2019 devoted thousands of hours to service projects in the U.S. and worldwide in places such as Philadelphia, Haiti, and El Salvador.

Integrating Service and Spirituality
Seton Hall University is home to a mutually enriching dialogue between faith and reason whose purpose is the discovery of truth in an environment that upholds trust, respect, academic freedom, and responsibility. It is committed to serving and enriched by local, national, and global communities.