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Dive Into Summer Session with Courses at Seton Hall  

StudentSummer may feel like an eternity away with this cold winter weather, but soon enough you’ll be digging out your sunglasses and summer clothes! Some view summer as an opportunity to take a break in their regular year-round activities, pursue new passions or become re-focused and refreshed with a new outlook on the rest of the year.

If you’re looking to develop new professional skills, accelerate in your program, or take a course in the quieter months of summer, take advantage of Seton Hall’s summer session offerings

Registration for Seton Hall's Summer Sessions opens Monday, March 27, 2023.

May 23 – June 12   Intersession I
June 13 – June 30 Intersession II
May 30 – June 30 Summer I (5 weeks)
May 30 – July 7 Summer I (6 weeks)
July 5 – August 3 Summer II
August 7 – August 25   Summer III

*Classes will not be held on June 17 in observance of Juneteenth

"Our summer academic sessions offer courses in a variety of disciplines that can help students progress towards degree completion or simply enrich their knowledge in an area of interest, " said Mary Kate Naatus, Ph.D., assistant provost and dean of the Division of Continuing and Professional Education." Students can select in- person, hybrid or fully remote courses, and can enjoy learning from faculty experts in many different fields. Summer learning in condensed academic sessions can be especially rewarding and allow for even greater interactions in the classes.”

Undergraduate students, both current Seton Hall and visiting, may enroll in a wide variety of campus offerings, from Cultural Anthropology to Mobile App Development or Sports, Media and Culture to Organizational Speaking. 

Other popular undergraduate courses include Art & Design, Asian Studies, American Journalism, Cognitive Psychology, History of African Civilization, Legal Studies, Principles of Marketing, Research in Nursing, Social Work, United States Politics, and World History. 

The University is offering current Seton Hall undergraduate students a $1,500 grant to help make summer study more affordable when they take two summer courses (minimum 6 credits). The discount does not apply to new enrollees or visiting students.

Associate Professor of Educational Studies Mary Mueller, Ed.D. discussed the experience of her popular Introduction to Teaching: The Profession (EDST 1101).

“I am very excited to offer Introduction to Teaching this summer! Introduction to Teaching is the first course that elementary/special education majors take in their education track,” explained Mueller. “The summer class offers a wonderful opportunity for those who have transferred in to catch up or those considering education to explore the major. In addition, the class is a way for upperclassmen, who are considering pursuing teaching after graduation, to determine if teaching might be for them."

For college students who find the sciences and mathematics exciting, they can find the summer as a chance to get a head start. Many are attracted to Astronomy, Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Genetics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Calculus, Statistics for Science Majors, and Physics.

An example of an online course is World History II (HIST 1102), which traces the evolution of the modern world from approximately 1300 to the present. 

“Summer courses always feel special, because quite often the students taking these summer classes are particularly eager to learn. These days, teaching a World History course allows the instructor to engage with some of the most poignant questions discussed and debated in our society,” said Professor of History Maxim Matusevich, Ph.D., who is teaching the course during Session I. “Whether we focus on the history of the industrial revolution, colonialism, the rise of totalitarian ideologies or the impact of the environmental change on foreign policy and culture – we inevitably engage with issues that continue to be relevant in the lives of our students.”

Among the numerous faith-based web courses available are Introduction to Catholic Theology, Creation and Science, Religions of the World, Modern Women of Faith, and Philosophical Ethics.  

Graduate students can also gain an edge with such courses as Foundations of Athletic Training, Curriculum Development and Evaluation for education leaders, Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis, Management Science, and United Nations Insider's View.

Summer session at Seton Hall isn’t just for current undergraduate and graduate students. High school students have the opportunity this summer to participate in academically rigorous, college preparation coursework. Network with current Seton Hall undergraduates and faculty members, enhance your college application and increase your SAT/ACT test scores. A few pre-college offerings include college prep classes and the Summer Entrepreneurship Institute with Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation.

For more details and to register for Seton Hall's Summer Sessions, visit www.shu.edu/summer.

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