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Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies

Continuing Education and Professional Studies Launches Summer Baseball Analytics Class for High School Students

BaseballThe Department of Continuing Education and Professional Studies (CEPS) is creating more offerings for Pre-College Students to study at Seton Hall, including this new summer course: "Introduction to Baseball Analytics." This year, CEPS at Seton Hall is expanding opportunities for high school students to explore campus, pursue their interests and hone their skills.

Introduction to Baseball Analytics, taught by John Saccoman, tailored exclusively for high school participants, is poised for a grand slam this summer. From July 8-12, 2024, on Seton Hall’s South Orange Campus, this five-day workshop promises an immersive exploration into the dynamic realm of baseball analytics.

During this engaging journey, students will investigate the merging realms of data science and America's cherished pastime, taking a deep dive into pioneering methodologies that have transformed the sport. From learning to grasp player performance indicators, to unraveling the intricacies of drafting and in-game strategizing, attendees will attain a holistic understanding of how analytics is fundamentally altering the baseball landscape. Whether harboring aspirations for careers in baseball operations, sports journalism, or data analysis, the Baseball Analytics Workshop promises to furnish attendees with indispensable skills, insights and experiences.

For further details and registration for the Baseball Analytics Workshop, click here. Act swiftly, as spaces are limited. Secure your place today and prepare to unlock new dimensions within the captivating world of baseball analytics.

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