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Upcoming Events

Doctoral Student Research Colloquium:  The CCR hosts an annual doctoral student colloquium for students enrolled in any doctoral program at Seton Hall University to present their scholarly work related to the mission and focus of the Center at various stages of development.  This may include conference presentations, dissertation proposal defense presentations, results of a research practicum, findings from pilot studies, dissertation or other research, or practice job talks.

Student Dissertation Symposium:  The CCR hosts an annual symposium for Seton Hall University doctoral students who have successfully defended their dissertations that focus on questions related to college readiness, access and persistence across p-20 education.  The format may range from poster presentations to a conference-style panel with invited faculty discussants depending on the number of students.  This event is open to the entire SHU community as well as the public.

Past Events

Fall 2016
  • ELMP HRED doctoral recipient Dr. Ryan Hudes presented the results of his dissertation, titled " Student College Match and Bachelor's Degree Completion"
  • ELMP faculty member, Dr. Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj shared her work, " School Counselors' Guidance Practices in the Context of Mandatory School Choice."
Fall 2015
  • ELMP doctoral recipient Dr. Rafael Inoa presented his research, " Middle-Income Latinos in Middle-Class Communities: A Study on Parental Involvement Dynamics"
  • ELMP doctoral recipient, Dr. Aretha Watson shared the results of her study "The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOP) and First Semester Retention in Community College."
Spring 2015
  • Doctoral Student Research Colloquium
    • Jenn Mezzina, ELMP doctoral student, presented her research on "Cyberbullying and School s: Despite Stricter Laws, School Leaders Unsure of Authority." Cyberbullying is on the rise and the effects can be detrimental to students. Despite the inclusion of "electronic harassment" in most state anti-bullying laws, school leaders are unsure of how to handle cyberbullying. This research compares the language in the NJ State Anti Bullying Act to state laws across the country and examines court decisions in order to make recommendations for school policies regarding cyberbullying.
Fall 2014
  • Doctoral Student Research Symposium
    • Dr. La Toro Yates presented his dissertation " The Dissipation of urban high school students' post-secondary educational aspirations and career planning during the college choice process", about the structural factors that influence urban high school students' postsecondary educational aspirations and career paths.
    • Taghreed A. Alhaddab and Katherine C. Aquino presented their research, " The Impact of Precollege Outreach Programs on Shaping Higher Education Access Patterns: Ethnic/Racial Comparison." The study analyzed ELS 2002 data using hierarchical logistic regression models to investigate the effects of participation precollege programs (GEAR UP, Talent Search, and Upward Bound) during secondary education (i.e. 9th through 12th grades).
  • Affiliated Research Talk: Dr. Kurt Rotthoff Dr. Rotthoff's discussion focused on economics of education, including the impact of sports on educational achievement, the impacts of recess, and affirmative action in higher education.
Spring 2014
  • Affiliated Research Talk: Dr. Robert Kelchen
    "Trends and Alternative Allocation Strategies for Campus-Based Financial Aid Programs"
    Two federal campus-based financial aid programs, the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) and the Federal Work-Study program (FWS), combine to provide nearly $2 billion in funding to students with financial need. However, the allocation formulas have changed little since 1965, resulting in community colleges and newer institutions getting much smaller awards than longstanding colleges with high costs of attendance. In this talk, Dr. Kelchen explored several different methods to reallocate funds based on current financial need while limiting the influence of high-tuition colleges, as well as considering the implications for student financial aid awards.
June 2013
  • National Invitational Conference on Undermatching to Post-Secondary Education: A Conference Exploring the Scale, Scope, Causes and Consequences
    An interdisciplinary conference was held in June 2013 at Seton Hall University with the goal of building upon and advancing the existing body of research on college matching and the implications of undermatching. This conference, funded by the American Educational Research Association and The College Board, sought to accomplish these objectives by gathering scholars from across a host of social science disciplines to jointly consider this new frontier of research in higher education-one that links disparate research communities and bridges the traditionally separate research nodes of college choice on the one hand and college success on the other. The conference brought together 29 active researchers, 3 practitioners, and 8 advanced doctoral students to explore, discuss, and share research findings, early results of ongoing site-based interventions, and projects in development related to the issue of students undermatching to their post-secondary educational institutions and the consequences of this for college completion and other life-course outcomes. Download the agenda »
Spring 2013
  • Co-Sponsored Speaker Series
    In collaboration with the College of Education and Human Services, the CCR sponsored a lecture series in Spring 2013 in an effort to both encourage and stimulate discussion about contemporary educational practice and policy in the United States.
    • The first speaker, Dr. Joseph Nelson, Associate Director, Center for the Study of Boys' & Girls' Lives at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, gave a talk on March 13 titled: "Identity Construction within a Single-sex School for Boys of Color."
    • The second lecture was held on Wednesday, April 10 featured Dr. Mellie Torres, a Seton Hall alumna and Post-Doctoral Fellow at New York University's Metropolitan Center for Urban Education. Her talk addressed the relationship between the multiple and intersecting social identities (race/ethnicity, class, and gender) of Latino male students and their academic identities.
October 2012
  • Campus-wide launch of the Center for College Readiness
    The campus-wide launch of the Center for College Readiness took place on October 24, 2012. To mark its official opening New Jersey Commissioner of Education, Chris Cerf, gave a keynote address focused on the challenges and opportunities associated with preparing New Jersey students' for college in the 21st century. The audience of over 70 people included faculty, undergraduate and graduate students from across CEHS and the university.