College of Education and Human Services

About the Center

The Center for College Readiness (CCR) at Seton Hall University is dedicated to identifying, examining, and combating the challenges that low-income minority and immigrant-origin students confront at each stage of the college choice process in an effort to improve their chances of successfully attaining the highest post-secondary credential to which they aspire.

The work of the CCR focuses on understanding the factors that contribute to or hinder students developing the necessary predispositions for college, obtaining the required academic qualifications for admission, taking steps to apply to colleges and universities that best match their interests and qualifications, and ultimately earning a degree.

The CCR aims to contribute new research and professional expertise to inform the development of interventions and programs to help students reach their post-secondary goals.  It works in partnership with schools and districts to implement these interventions and provides technical assistance on issues related to college readiness broadly conceived.  The Center for College Readiness disseminates research findings, policy briefs, and other information to policy-makers, educational leaders, researchers and the public-at-large about effective practices and programs that support youth in accessing and completing post-secondary education.