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Center for College Readiness

About the Center

The Center for College Readiness (CCR) at Seton Hall University is dedicated to identifying, examining, and combating the challenges that low-income minority and immigrant-origin students confront at each stage of the college choice process.  Read more »

Research Projects

The Center for College Readiness conducts original empirical research to explore the ways in which students' educational experiences and opportunities-from late elementary school onward-complicate or facilitate their effective engagement in a rigorous college choice process and promote or limit their academic achievement at the post-secondary level. Read more »


The Center for College Readiness hosts a range of events including national invitational conferences, invited speaker series, book talks, student research colloquia, and research presentations. Read more »

Contact Us

Dr. Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj

(973) 275-2846
[email protected]

Dr. Elaine Walker

(973) 275-2307
[email protected]

Keep in Touch

We would like to hear from you!  Contact us at [email protected]