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Athletic Training

Get in the Game with a Degree in Athletic Training

Seton Hall University offers career-oriented degree options for students interested in the Athletic Training profession:

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Athletic Training is a specialty in the field of sports medicine. Athletic trainers prevent, evaluate, and intervene when emergency, chronic or acute medical conditions strike, causing impairment in their athletes. Athletic trainers touch the lives of every patient under their care, whether they are preparing them for play, rehabilitating them from an injury or teaching them conditioning and performance best practices.

Alumna Mercedes Cunningham, MS '14, ATC, who now works as an Assistant Athletic Trainer and Adjunct Faculty for Seton Hall University, talks about her experiences in the Seton Hall Athletic Training degree program.

Why You Need the Master's Degree

  • Upcoming changes to the Athletic Training profession will require new practitioners to have a master's degree.
  • Read through our comprehensive brochure to learn more about our High Fidelity Simulation Center, Standardized Patient Center (SPC) and Fieldwork opportunities. 

Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) Program Overview

Dual-Degree in Athletic Training (BA/BS + MSAT) Program Overview

  • B.A. Biology + MSAT Information 
  • B.S. Biology + MSAT Information  
  • B.A. Social and Behavioral Sciences + MSAT Information 
  • Seton Hall University Undergraduate Admissions -Application and Admissions Requirements 
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Contact us about the master's programdual-degree program and transfer options.

Are you a High School student?

Get in touch with Undergraduate Admissions to learn more about our University and the 5-year dual-degree program in Athletic Training (BA/BS + MSAT)

Community College and Transfer Students

Learn more about completing your bachelor's degree at Seton Hall. Then, you can apply for the entry-level MSAT degree program.