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What Great Minds Can Do: Rose Daphine Nakiberu  

Rose Daphine Nakiberu

Public Administration

Uganda, Africa

Daphine Nakiberu“While I was in Uganda, I looked at several universities. The American Embassy has a department called Education USA, and I spent two months looking for the right university. The Education advisor USA recommended Seton Hall, and immediately I went to Youtube and looked up videos about it. Those videos spoke to me. I started emailing and people were very responsive. Plus, the application process seemed complicated for many other universities, but for Seton Hall it seemed much easier. I ended up applying only to Seton Hall.”

“The reception here when I first arrived was great. You feel like you’re supported by every department, be it Financial Aid, the Career Center, Caps etc. And because of the University’s reputation, I was able to get everything I needed in terms of resources. For example, currently I’m looking for a job. I went on LinkedIn and looked for Seton Hall alumni, and right now I’m in touch with different organizations because of that alumni network. We are all supporting each other as Pirates.”

“I was able to find off-campus housing very easily. I found my roommate by reaching out to International Programs, and they posted something on Facebook and tagged all the international students who were coming here that semester. My roommate was connected to an amazing lady who rents out rooms to Seton Hall students, and that’s how we found our housing.”

“The program is so amazing. I love my professors and the way they deliver the content. Dr. Hale and Dr. Dooney are always willing to listen, and other professors are always available to help and support you however they can, including helping you network. Plus, I have received multiple scholarships from my department. I have interviews coming up, and everything I’ve been asked to prepare for this interview reflects what my professors have taught me. They want you to be successful. I’m trying to encourage my friends in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda to apply.”  

“Seton Hall is diverse. You don’t feel like you’re left out. You feel like you’re included in everything, like you’re part of a community. Seton Hall is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. I’m a Pirate! I love it!” 

Seton Hall Career Highlights

  • Student Technology Assistant 
  • International Student