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College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum for Master of Science in Data Science

Course descriptions can be found in Seton Hall University's graduate course catalog.

Required Courses (15 Total Credits)
DASC 6911 Big Data Analytics (3 credits)
DASC 6010 Data Mining (3 credits)
DASC 7000 Data Visualization (3 credits)
DASC 6811 Statistics for Data Science (3 credits)
DASC 8211 Machine Learning (3 credits)

Choose Three Electives from the following list (9 Total Credits):
DASC 8222 Data Engineering (3 credits)
DASC 8011 Internship in Data Science (3 credits)
DASC 6611 Operations Research (3 credits)
DASC 7111 Text Mining (3 credits)
DASC 7211 Network Analysis (3 credits)
PSMA 7800 Ethical Challenges of Big Data (3 credits)
PSYC 7214 Cognition for Visualization (3 credits)
DASC 8803 Special Topics in Data Science (3 credits)
DASC 8813 Special Topics in Data Science (3 credits)

Choose a Specialization: Capstone or M.S. Thesis Tracks (6 Total Credits)

5th Elective: Choose an additional elective from the list of electives
DASC 9311 Data Science Project (3 credits)
M.S. Thesis:
DASC 9412 Thesis Research I (3 credits)
DASC 9413 Thesis Research II (3 credits)