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Kristine Mamanta
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Interested in learning why consumers make the choices they do? Why someone might buy a new DVD player instead of replacing an old TV? Whether a customer will buy a product if the price increases by $10? If so, a career in economics might be for you.

Economists study the choices individuals and nations make and why. As an economics major at Seton Hall, you'll enhance your quantitative and analytical skills through an intellectual discourse that it unbiased and rigorous, studying a range of economic schools of thought  — Keynesian, Post-Keynesian and Neo-Classical.

Our economics graduates have gone on to successful careers in finance, industry and government at securities firms, banks, insurance companies and the Federal Reserve System. Others have pursued a Ph.D.

By The Numbers

  • #1 Leadership Development Program Nationwide
  • 95% Career-Related Employment Rate for Graduates
  • 76% Students with 1+ Internships Completed
  • $56K Average Starting Salary
Stillman By the Numbers

Ethics and Real-World Learning

At the Stillman School of Business, we transform concepts into practice. Our mission is to enrich each student’s life through an ethics-based education.

Kurt Rotthoff

“Economics teaches you how to solve problems. When you can solve problems, you can do anything — which is why I argue that economics is the most broad degree, one that will open the most doors. You can do anything with it.”

Kurt W. Rotthoff
Associate Professor


This program provides you with a solid foundation in economics. You'll learn about the economic relationships that occur between business, households and government - as well as the principles that govern these relationships.

You'll develop analytic skills to prepare you for a career in business, government or education. The program's courses also lay the groundwork you'll need if you decide to pursue a graduate degree in economics or in related fields.

As you pursue a degree in economics, you'll find highly engaged faculty and fellow students, along with an emphasis on transforming concepts into practice.

Program Faculty

Many of our full-time faculty have attended top Ph.D. programs and are in demand as lecturers, consultants and media experts. Stillman School faculty provide an academic experience characterized by high faculty-student engagement, often partnering with students on research and other projects.

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henry amoroso photo posing
Henry Amoroso
Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Chair of the Department of Economics and Legal Studies
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richard hunter faculty posing
Richard Hunter
Professor of Legal Studies
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Chander Kant posing
Chander Kant
Associate Professor of Economics
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Kurt Rotthoff posing
Kurt Rotthoff
Professor of Economics
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