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Wives of Deacons

Called to Greater Love...

"How wonderful the in hope, one in in discipline,
one in the same service!" - Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Rome Pilgrimage for Wives of Deacons has been unavoidably postponed to next summer (2021). We look forward to seeing you then!

Spiritually Nourishing Wives, Couples and Families of Deacons and Deacon Candidates
We understand and appreciate the unique roles of wives of deacons and deacon candidates as women of deep love. To assist in this spiritual adventure, we offer numerous opportunities for women to deepen their relationship with Christ, to nurture the bonds of marriage, and to meet and grow in friendship with other wives, forming inspiring communities of faith. read more »

Called to Greater Love... 
“How wonderful the bond . . . 
 one in hope, one in desire,
 one in discipline,
 one in the same service!”
Catechism of the Catholic Church