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Stata Now Available  

Faculty Member using StataThe Department of Information Technology, in conjunction with the University Libraries, is excited to announce Stata is now available for student and faculty use. Stata is a statistical package that is designed for researchers and is used in the fields of economics, sociology, political science, biomedicine and epidemiology. While SPSS is still available to all University faculty and undergraduate students and graduate students, faculty and students can now request to use Stata for their research as well.

Professor Joseph Huddleston, Assistant Professor at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, notes “I am so glad we can offer access to Stata to our students now. Stata is a standard analysis software in International Relations, Political Science, Economics, and other social sciences. It is a powerful tool, both for instruction in the classroom and for students’ own research projects.”

How to Request Stata?
To be issued a license for Stata submit the Software Request Form. Students will need to provide their computer serial number, the course ID and faculty member’s name for the course that Stata is required. An automated email will be sent containing a link to the software installation file and the license authorization code.

What is Stata?
The name Stata stands for a syllabic abbreviation of Statistics and Data.  Stata is a statistical software package that provides tools for data management, statistical methods and data visualization, much like SPSS. It is a powerful tool to create publication-quality graphs and tables.

Why Stata?
Stata offers both pull-down menus and command syntax. Stata commands are very intuitive and easy to use and learn. Stata has a powerful, reproducible documentation, and version control systems. These systems ensure that researchers will have the same results every time they run the commands. Stata offers a wide number of learning resources including short video tutorials on how to use Stata.

University Libraries launched its Data Services Group in Fall 2019. Librarians and a Data Support Specialist are available to provide training in data management, specific tools like Stata, SPSS and R, Survey Research Methods for Qualtrics and Data Management for Seton Hall University students, faculty, staff, and administrators. For further information, please view the Data Services website.

Interested in learning more? Sign up for Stata class offered by the Seton Hall Libraries Data Services:

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