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Technology Overview

Mobile Computing

Ubiquitous Computing refers to programs aimed at making a computer available to every member of a learning community so that everyone in that community is able to communicate and access learning materials “any time, any place.” One of the most visible aspects of Seton Hall's technology plan is the University's Mobile Computing Program, Seton Hall's version of ubiquitous computing.  The computers used in this program are replaced every two years for students and three years for faculty, ensuring that students and faculty have state-of-the-art mobile computers.

Why a University-issued laptop

Standardizing the computer used by both faculty and students contributes to a consistency of experience when utilizing technology both in and out of the classroom.

  • Economy
    The University annually purchases a significant amount of laptops, taking advantage of the lower pricing per unit such quantities engender and negotiating the best laptop for the lowest cost.
  • Ease of Use
    Each incoming class receives training on the same laptop, lowering the learning curve for each student while insuring a shared experience.
  • Streamlined Support
    Standardized configuration, on-site support, the availability of spare parts all contribute to efficiency in supporting how technology is experienced at the University.  Software and virus updates can be handled automatically through centralized management.


All full-time undergraduate students and graduate students in specific graduate programs are required to participate in the Mobile Computing Program.  All full-time and adjunct faculty as well as some administrator whose area of responsibility impacts teaching and learning are also issued laptops through the Mobile Computing Program.  Program polices and procedures have been developed which govern participation and are broken down by your role at the University.

One of the primary focuses of the Mobile Computing Program is to find and implement the technology that meets the hardware requirements and supports the academic goals of the University.  After extensive research and undergoing an external bid process, the Department of Information Technology procures and distributes the new model laptop for the current academic year.

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