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Department of Information Technology
Technology Overview

Student Resources for Learning with Technology

Learning continues utilizing the latest classroom technology. The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center has helpful tips on leveraging simple technologies to keep your class on schedule. A catalog of workshops is available to help students prepare for their courses and utilize different technologies to enhance learning with technology. To register for a virtual workshop, visit the university event calendar. 

All course materials, assignments and assessments are housed in Blackboard and/or Canvas. Live synchronous sessions can be facilitated in Microsoft Teams. Both a Blackboard course shell and a Team is created for every course session offered at the University. 


Your professor can conduct class in real-time with Microsoft Teams.

Upload Materials

Post homework, documents, videos, and more to Blackboard. Respond to discussion boards and even take tests and quizzes from home.

Create Materials

Create and collaborate with classmates in Office365 with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoints, OneDrive and more.


All tutoring support (peer tutoring, tutors in residence, and supplemental instruction) will be moved to ARC Online, accessible through Seton Hall Compass.


Before you register, obtain your 6-digit registration PIN from your adviser. You will not be able to register without your PIN.


Remotely access library resources, e-books, and subject guides or speak with a librarian for your research needs.


Learning Remotely with Video Conferencing

Microsoft Teams

Faculty have the ability to create an interactive online classroom with Microsoft Teams. Teams supports group conversations, video conferencing (up to 49 screens), virtual breakout rooms and the ability to chat and share files. A team is automatically created for all courses. New to Microsoft Teams? View the Quick Guide (PDF)

In a Teams classroom, instructors may start the class session from the Microsoft Teams panel in the room. Those in the room immediately see and hear students joining remotely. Both faculty and students can share their screen remotely, minimizing the need for handling any cables to connect to classroom technology. View a detailed description of the classroom technology.

In a Standard classroom, the instructor may schedule the recurring meeting in Teams. In the room, there is no Microsoft Teams computer panel, the instructor joins the Teams class on her/his laptop and shares the material to all remote participants screens simultaneously. In order to display in the physical room, the instructor connects to the projector/screen using Airmedia/Solstice (if available) or with an HDMI cable. Students are also able to share their screens/content with the entire class via Teams.

The Microsoft Teams software may be accessed via the web, desktop versions for Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms, as well as Apple and Android mobile devices. For the best experience, all students and faculty are encouraged to turn on the new Microsoft Teams Experience.

Echo360 Lecture Capture

Lecture capture allows instructors to record instructional content on their own laptop/desktop or in their classroom. Students are then able to view the recording from within Blackboard or Canvas. This provides students with a powerful tool to review content, access supplemental material or receive instruction that is web-based. Echo360 videos feature integrated closed captioning abilities and greatly expand the accessibility of your educational content.

Upload your Materials

Posting to Blackboard

After completing your assignments, log in to Blackboard, access your course, and upload the materials into the course. Navigating Blackboard is now easier than ever with the new Base Navigation.

Posting Videos

Your professor may post videos from LinkedIn Learning, YouTube, Vimeo, or other publicly-accessible video sharing sites to your course. 

Discussion Board

To promote active learning in an asynchronous environment, you professor may wish to use the Discussion feature in Blackboard to engage students and invite their participation. A professor may post a prompt(s) and invite the students to lend their input, and/or respond to other student’s posts.

Taking Online Exams with Honorlock

Your professor may administer exams online using Honorlock. Honorlock is a Chrome browser extension that runs on your computer, and provides an additional layer of identity verification and proctoring services for exams. Exams will continue to reside in Blackboard, and will be accessed via Honorlock.

Instructions for using Honorlock


Create your Materials

Microsoft 365

Create documents and collaborate in real-time with classmates on assignments and group projects. The Microsoft 365 suite of apps, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more are available in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere by visiting Save your files and photos to OneDrive (1TB of free storage) and access them from any device, anywhere. Download on Android or iOS


Students and faculty are eligible to receive a license of SPSS under the university campus site license for instructional, academic, and non-commercial academic research. 

How to request SPSS:

SPSS Tutorials


Mathematica offers an interactive classroom experience that helps students explore and grasp concepts, plus gives faculty the tools they need to easily create supporting course materials, assignments, and presentations.

Request Mathematica

Mathematica Tutorials

Additional Resources

Tutoring for Students

All tutoring support (peer tutoring, tutors in residence, and supplemental instruction) will be moved to ARC Online, accessible through Seton Hall Compass. There will be no drop-in tutoring hours in the Academic Resource Center at this time.

For students to sign up for a tutoring appointment on Compass, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to PirateNet and open Compass
  • Select “Schedule an Appointment.”
  • Choose “Tutoring”
  • Select the “Academic Resource Center”
  • Select “Arc Tutoring” and click “Next”

Contact the ARC at [email protected] with any questions.

Advising for Students

All academic advising will be moved online. Please check with your academic advisor on how they wish to meet with you virtually. First-year students should continue to use Compass to schedule your advising appointment.

To sign up for an advising appointment on Compass, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to PirateNet and open Compass
  • Select “Schedule an Appointment.”
  • Choose “Academic Advising”
    • For advising in Freshman Studies, select “Advising- Student Services” under Reason.
    • For advising in another department, select Advising – Online” for both drop-down items.
  • Select your Advisor. If they are not listed, please email your advisor directly.

Contact the ARC at [email protected] with any questions.


Obtain your 6-digit registration PIN from your adviser. You will not be able to register without your PIN. If you don't know who your adviser is, contact the departmental office of your major. (Spring PINs begin with the number 1; Fall and Summer PINs begin with a '3'.)

How Do You Register?

  1. Log in to PirateNet and open Banner Self-Service.
  2. Plan your semester by first finding your classes by clicking on the "Find Classes" button on the right.
  3. Make sure you have a registration PIN and know the date and time you can register. Check to make sure you don't have any holds that would prevent you from registering.
  4. On the day you can register, sign in to Self-Service Banner to begin the registration process. Click on the Registration link, then on Add or Drop Classes. Select the registration term and enter your new registration PIN as your Alternate PIN.

Tips for Online Learning

Here are tips to help you be successful while learning online.

  • Communicate often. Reach out to your instructors to find out how and when your classes will be held.
  • Check Blackboard or Canvas often for updates. Instructors are encouraged to use Blackboard/Canvas to keep you informed. Your instructors will contact you with information regarding scheduled tests and exams.
  • Take the time to put together the schedule and expectations for each of your classes next week. Check Blackboard/Canvas for updates to your syllabus.
  • Stay healthy by getting adequate rest, nutrition and exercise. Schedule time to take care of yourself.
  • Schedule specific times in your day to dedicate to studying or participating in your online class. Check with your instructor if you should be joining live Microsoft Teams meetings.
  • Contact your instructor for resources specific to your courses.
  • Need tech support? Contact the Service Desk if you have questions or need help.

Looking for more Assistance?

If you experience technical issues and require assistance, please contact the Technology Service Desk at [email protected] or (973) 275-2222.