Department of Information Technology

Classroom Technology

Classrooms at all campuses include at least one camera focused on the front of the classroom to allow “remote” students to see the instructor and an appropriate number of microphones and speakers for the size of the room to ensure the two-way engagement of all participants. At a minimum, one display device is present in each room to ensure that students physically present in the room can see their counterparts who are joining remotely as well as any content that the instructor chooses to display for the class. Use of this technology is designed so that an instructor can operate the classroom with minimal training and/or assistance.

Available Classroom Technology

A permanent hyflex classroom

Teams Classrooms

  • 1-2 display devices
  • Microsoft Teams Computer Panel
  • HD Wall Camera
  • Ceiling microphones/speakers
  • Faculty laptop with Microsoft Teams

A temporary hyflex classroom

Standard Classrooms

  • 1 display device (projector or screen) with HDMI cable
  • Tripod mounted webcam with microphone
  • In-room speakers (where available)
  • Faculty laptop with Microsoft Teams

How to use Classroom Technology

  • In a Teams classroom, instructors may start the class session from a Microsoft Teams wall panel in the room, with no other required technology. Those in the room immediately see and hear students joining remotely. If a presentation or other content is required, the instructor joins the Teams class on her/his laptop and shares the material, thereby pushing the content to the display in the physical room and to any remote participants screens simultaneously. Students are also able to share their screens/content with the entire class via Teams. This solution minimizes the need for handling any cables to connect to classroom technology.
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  • In a Standard classroom there is no Microsoft Teams computer panel, the instructor may join the Teams class on her/his laptop and shares the material to all remote participants screens simultaneously.  In order to display in the physical room, the instructor connects to the projector/screen using Airmedia/Solstice (if available) or with an HDMI cable. Students are also able to share their screens/content with the entire class via Teams. 
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South Orange Campus

Teams Classrooms

The following classrooms have a Teams computer, camera, ceiling microphones and speakers, and a control panel with HDMI and USB. A laptop is not required to run the Teams meeting unless the instructor needs to share content.

  • Schwartz Hall SZ 101, SZ 102, SZ 111, SZ 112, SZ 113
  • A&S Hall AS 101, AS 102, AS 103, AS 105, AS 106, AS 110
  • Corrigan Hall CH 65, CH 76, CH 78, CH 79, CH 80, CH 82
  • Duffy Hall DH 60, DH 61, DH 80, DH 81
  • Arts Center Room 104
  • Fahy Hall FH 101, FH 102, FH 103, FH 122, FH 123, FH 124, FH 131, FH 236, FH 237, FH 238, FH 301, FH 321
  • Stafford Hall SH 06, SH 110, SH 205, SH 206
  • McNulty Hall SC 106, SC 107, SC 109
  • Jubilee Hall JH 139, JH 141

Standard Classrooms

The following classrooms have web conference capabilities with at least one camera, ceiling and podium microphones, ceiling speakers, and a control panel with HDMI and USB for connecting the laptop. These locations also have Echo360 Lecture Capture recording capabilities. A laptop is required to run the Teams meeting.

  • Jubilee Hall JH 123 (Auditorium)
  • McNulty Hall SC 101 (Amphitheatre)
  • Stafford Hall SH 109 and SH 111
  • A&S Hall AS 107 and AS 109
  • Beck Room Walsh Library 1st Floor

In all other classrooms, a tripod mounted camera is installed to improve the remote learning experience. A laptop is required to run a Teams meeting.

Interprofessional Health Sciences Campus

The auditorium, small group rooms, and the conference rooms in the 2100 and 3100 pods, are already equipped with the necessary technology to allow students to participate in a face-to-face session remotely.

Flexible Learning Classrooms

The 8 Flexible Learning Classrooms all have lecture capture technology as a part of their standard configuration and can utilize any web conferencing solution for HyFlex teaching.

Learning Studios

The 10 Learning Studios have lecture capture technology with the ability to record audio. Due to the configuration of these rooms, a camera is installed in a "staged" area, allowing clearer line of sight for remote students to participate in a face-to-face class. 

Law School Campus

Following the South Orange campus model, the Law School has 18 classrooms where audio-visual equipment is available to support teaching and learning. 

Teams Classrooms

The 18 classrooms chosen are equipped with fixed computers in each room. The instructor may join Teams using the computer already present in the room and shares her/his materials and other content both in the physical room and to all remote participants simultaneously.

Standard Classrooms

The remaining classrooms at the Law School campus are outfitted with video conferencing equipment, likely a webcam on a tripod with an external microphone and speaker to facilitate students joining the classroom remotely.