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The H&M Roman Diplomacy and International Relations Leadership Center at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations is an arm of the award-winning Buccino Leadership Institute. The Center recruits undergraduate Diplomacy and International Relations majors with strong leadership capability, academic merit, drive, and passion to hone their leadership skills through a rigorous extracurricular leadership development program.

The Program

What distinguishes the Buccino Leadership Institute approach from other leadership programs is that we provide both an individual school or college-based program as well as an integrated university cohort program, so that students learn more intensively how leadership development is applied in their area of study, while also learning from the perspectives of professionals and students in a diverse array of fields.

In the freshman and sophomore years, scholars in the H&M Roman Leadership center attend a weekly interdisciplinary leadership development course taught by Institute Executive Director, Dr. Bryan Price, where they learn to lead themselves and others. In the junior and senior years, scholars complete a Diplomacy specific leadership development curriculum developed by the associate director that engages students in practical application within the discipline of the skills learned in the freshman and sophomore years.

Through the Institute, students complete interdisciplinary group projects, learning from the perspectives of their peers in other fields and honing their team building, public speaking and presentation skills. Students gain leadership opportunities through the Institute’s initiatives such as their Undergraduate Leaders Podcast. Students participate in field trips where they learn from real life examples of leadership, as on the battlefield at Gettysburg and during 9/11.

One of the most impactful advantages Leadership Scholars receive through the Institute is coaching sessions with certified professional coaches. In addition to the leadership instruction students receive, they receive one-on-one personal development with an executive coach. Sessions that cost executives thousands of dollars in the field are provided to our scholars as part of the Leadership program.

The H&M Roman Leadership Center provides scholars with one-on-one mentorship from the associate director; exclusive diplomacy and international affairs expert speaker series and networking opportunities; reading, research, workshop, training and professional development opportunities related to leadership development in the field of international affairs; as well as a community of likeminded peers.

Elizabeth V. Halpin, M.A.
Associate Director, H&M Roman Diplomacy and International Relations Leadership Center, Buccino Leadership Institute
Associate Dean, School of Diplomacy and International Relations

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