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Seton Hall University Health and Medical Sciences
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Career Resources for Ph.D. Students

Networking with Health Sciences Alumni

Seton Hall University's Ph.D. in Health Sciences degree program is a great fit for professionals interested in advancing their careers in healthcare leadership, academia or research.

The Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) is a distinguishing credential in the field. Our students come to us looking for the education that will help them grow their careers in healthcare systems and practices, or to advance into academic or research positions.

The strength and reputation of our Ph.D. in Health Sciences program is in large part due to our impressive alumni, who are thought-leaders within a diverse array of healthcare sites across the state and the country. Our graduates are a strong resource for our current students and faculty.

Where our graduates and students are working:

  • President and CEO, Richmond University Medical Center
  • Chair of the Undergraduate Honors Program, University of Michigan School of Nursing
  • Pediatrics Researcher and Wellness Coordinator, St. Joseph's Children's Hospital
  • Faculty Members at renowned health sciences colleges, including the University of Kansas, Boston University, Wake Forest University, Ohio University, the Texas University system, St. Peter's University, William Paterson University, Monmouth University, Stockton University, Kean University, Dominican College, Mercy College and Seton Hall University

Industry Associations:

Campus Resources

Seton Hall Career Center

The Career Center at Seton Hall University has a dedicated counselor who works with our students and graduates, helping them develop relationships and network throughout the industry. Graduates have access to many benefits through The Career Center, including:

  • One-on-one career counseling
  • Individualized career development and management plans
  • Online career assessments
  • Career events, including resume writing workshops and interview clinics
  • Pirate Mentor Program with access to an extensive network of thousands of Seton Hall alumni

Healthcare Executives Series

In partnership with the New Jersey Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives, the department hosts the "Conversations with Senior Healthcare Executives" series. These intimate events take place on campus throughout the year to connect students with industry leaders and ACHE-NJ members for networking and career advice.

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