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Seton Hall University Health and Medical Sciences
MHA Curriculum

MHA Curriculum

The comprehensive Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) curriculum is the essential foundation students need to lead the next generation of healthcare systems and facilities. The 42-credit program offers a challenging and relevant curriculum, which is revised annually based on student feedback and current trends and needs in the industry. It embraces theoretical and contemporary practical applications of healthcare leadership, management and policy.

Our Mission: The student-centered MHA prepares early and mid-career individuals from diverse backgrounds to be competent health managers and leaders for a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations. Delivered both on-campus and online/hybrid, the essential MHA program emphasizes experiential learning opportunities, reflects Seton Hall University's Catholic tradition, and strives to instill the professionalism and values required of servant leaders to all students.

Our Vision: To be acknowledged regionally, nationally and internationally as a leader in values-based healthcare management education.

One Program, Two Delivery Formats

The Seton Hall MHA program is offered in both on-campus and online/hybrid delivery formats. Here, the use of online/hybrid designation attests to the required three intensive residencies together with online education. The core program is the same whether you are studying online/hybrid or on campus, and sequenced to meet student needs. Part-time students (on-campus program, only) will select one to two courses each semester in consultation with their faculty advisor. Online/hybrid students will become part of a Learning Team cohort that completes coursework and intensive/residency experiences in a structured two-year sequence.

For a full description of any of the courses below, see the Seton Hall University Graduate Catalogue.

MHA On-Campus Course Calendar

Course calendar may be subject to change and reflects sequencing for students beginning in the Fall semester only.

On-Campus - First Professional Year (18 credits)

  • 21st Century Healthcare Systems
  • Healthcare Management
  • Professionalism and Leadership I
  • Research Methods and Statistical Analysis for Healthcare
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting and Costing in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Data Analytics
  • Emergency Management for Health Professionals
  • Health Finance
  • Professionalism and Leadership II
  • Ethics in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Policy

On-Campus - Second Professional Year (21 credits)

  • Population Health Management
  • Legal and Human Resources Issues in Healthcare
  • Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare Organizations
  • Health Economics
  • Quality and Risk Management in Healthcare
  • Global Health Management*
  • Practice Management for the Health Sector*
  • Change Management and Innovation in Healthcare*
  • Professionalism and Leadership III
  • Capstone Experience**

* Certificate Students Only
**Capstones offered in Fall and Spring Semesters only

MHA Online/Hybrid Curriculum Information

The online/hybrid MHA program is offered exclusively in Learning Teams and is delivered sequentially over six semesters. The online program also requires three in-person, three-day intensive/residency visits* at the beginning, middle and end of the 24-month program, which afford students the opportunity to meet face-to-face with professors and peers in the program.

During each intensive, students complete an MHA course, hear presentations from faculty and healthcare executives, work in groups and network with MHA students and alumni.

Course calendar may be subject to change.

Online/Hybrid Program - First Semester (6 credits)

  • Orientation Intensive* (3 days in August) (Fall)
    • Students take "Professionalism and Leadership I" during the intensive (in-person attendance).
    • Learn how to use Blackboard (the online classroom system) as well as Seton Hall's online library and other online resources that will help you succeed in an online learning environment.
  • Online Courses (two 7-week courses that begin after the Orientation Intensive)
    • 21st Century Healthcare Systems
    • Research Methods and Statistical Analysis for Healthcare

Online Program - Second Semester (6 credits) (Spring)

  • Online Courses (two 7-week courses)
    • Healthcare Management
    • Financial and Managerial Accounting and Costing in Healthcare

Online Program - Third Semester (7 credits) (Summer)

  • Online Courses (three courses covered in 7-week courses)
    • Health Finance*
    • Healthcare Data Analytics
    • Health Policy*

* Both courses taken during the same seven weeks

Online/Hybrid Program - Fourth Semester (8credits) (Fall)

  • Mid Intensive* (3 days in August, 1 year after Orientation Intensive)
    • Students take "Professionalism and Leadership II" during the intensive (in-person attendance).
    • Students may complete an interactive simulation.
  • Online Courses (three 7-week courses that begin after the Mid Intensive, 2 courses taken during the same 7 weeks)
    • Health Economics*
    • Population Health Management
    • Emergency Management for Health Professionals*

Online Program - Fifth Semester (6 credits) Spring

  • Online Courses (two 7-week courses)
    • Legal and Human Resources Issues in Healthcare
    • Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare Organization

Online/Hybrid Program - Sixth Semester (8 credits) Summer

  • Online Courses (two 7-week courses that begin/complete before the Final Intensive)
    • Quality and Risk Management*
    • Ethics in Healthcare*
    • Capstone Project
  • Final Intensive* (3 days in August, 1 year after Mid Intensive)
    • Students complete Professionalism and Leadership III
    • Students present Capstone projects to faculty and students.

Online Program - Seventh Semester (0 credits) (Fall)

  • Students enroll in GRCN to receive diploma in December, 2019.

*About the MHA Online/Hybrid Program's in-person Intensive/Residency Requirement:
A highlight of the Seton Hall MHA program is the in-person Intensive (residency) experiences that graduate students in the MHA Online/hybrid program attend at the beginning, middle and conclusion of their degree program.

These mandatory, three-day Intensives (usually Friday-Sunday) take place on the Interprofessional Health Sciences campus in Nutley, New Jersey, and at a nearby hotel/conference facility. Seton Hall MHA students always look forward to the Intensives, which provide the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with peers and faculty in a collaborative learning environment.

The majority of students stay overnight in the hotel throughout the three-day Intensive; hotel accommodations and most meals are covered in the program's tuition and fees. Students are responsible for their own transportation to the hotel at the beginning of the Intensive, to and from the campus, and home at the end of the Intensive Residency;

The Intensive is one of the most rewarding aspects of the MHA Online/Hybrid program. For questions about the Intensive experiences, contact contact Laura Cowhig at [email protected] or (973) 275-2076.

**Capstone Project
Designating an area of interest and building upon that interest through specialized study, students complete a 3-credit "Capstone Project" course that culminates in a final project presented at either the Final Intensive (online/hybrid students) or toward the end of the semester (on-campus students). The completed project affords students an opportunity to make a substantial contribution to their organization and their profession.