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Office of International Programs

Seton Hall Expands International Footprint with France Partnership

Frank Violet and Seton Hall University leadership.

Frank Violet, Head of International Affairs, meets with Interim President Passerini, Interim Dean Jonathan Farina, and Interim VP Amy Newcombe.

With internationalization a high strategic priority, Seton Hall University is expanding upon a long-time collaboration with Lyon Catholic University, France to create a more comprehensive policy for internationalization, which includes more opportunities for collaborative international research, student and faculty exchange, French language immersion, and other related areas of collaboration. 

Over the past five years, Seton Hall and Catholic University of Lyon faculty have facilitated virtual international project experiences by bringing together students to work in collaborative teams physically located on different continents. 

Professor Kevin Pon, Associate Dean for International Development & Accreditations at ESDES, the Business School at Lyon Catholic University and Professor Hector Lozada, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for International Business and Marketing faculty member at the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall have facilitated intercultural learning and global projects within their classes based on research previously published together by faculty at both institutions. 

Mary Kate Naatus, Ph.D. and Kevin Pon.

Assistant Provost, Mary Kate Naatus, Ph.D., with ESDES Mission in background with Kevin Pon, Associate Dean for International Development & Accreditation.

The experiential projects allowed students to learn about global teamwork, cultural nuances, and practical adaptations needed in the international environment. In addition, there have been significant research projects among faculty from both institutions, yielding a number of publications as well as a book chapter on the future of internationalization in business schools in the post-COVID global landscape. All of this contributes to the rise of international ambassadors who will promote new pathways for student exchanges in the long term.

Seton Hall faculty are proud to partner with the ESDES Business School of Lyon Catholic University, which was recently ranked among the top 100 best Master’s in Management in the world by the Financial Times, which underlines the quality of its Grande Ecole Program and the strong professional outcomes of graduates.  In addition, ESDES was recently ranked 10th for alumni satisfaction.

Elements of this partnership that are in development, in addition to the ESDES-Stillman relationship, include a collaboration with the Law School and the Biological Sciences School, in particular the Biotechnology program. In November, Assistant Provost Mary Kate Naatus, who oversees the Office of International Programs met with a variety of leaders at Catholic University of Lyon, in order to share information and discuss further opportunities.

In addition, the city of Lyon will be on the itinerary for the Stillman School’s Faculty-Led Program, Vive le Sport en France, during Spring Break 2024 led by Marketing Department Chair, Daniel Ladik, Ph.D. UCLY offers immersive opportunities to learn French at its French Language and Culture Institute, with programs offered during the semesters, summer and at various skill levels.

Naatus at table with Professor Roger Koude.

Naatus at table with Professor Roger Koude, UNESCO Chair, Law School.

Lyon Catholic University shares the Catholic mission and values of Seton Hall University. It was founded in 1875 and specializes in subjects such as science, language, law, economics, social sciences, theology, and religious sciences. The university has 3 campuses, 2 located in the heart of Lyon, on either side of the Perrache train station and another campus in Anncey in the French Alps. The university has vibrant student life with frequent cultural events and activities, which provide great opportunities for cultural and language exchange. Clubs on campus hold events such as free movie nights, student debates, and volunteer days.

Faculty and students who are interested in study abroad, exchange opportunities, Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) and research with the Lyon Catholic University can contact [email protected] for additional information.

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