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Office of Grants and Research Services

Administrative Support

Proposal Preparation
The Grants and Research Office (GRO) is available to lead and support faculty and staff in developing and submitting proposals. GRO offers workshops, forms, and proposal guides. GRO is available to assist in completing each step of preparing a proposal and should be contacted as soon as you know you are planning to prepare one. Read more about proposal preparation.

Budget Development
All proposals must incorporate a detailed breakdown of the financial support being requested from a sponsor. A proposal budget is a best estimate of the costs requested to complete a project. Budgets should be prepared with as much detail as possible. Read more about budget development.

Electronic Submission and Administration
The Cayuse Proposal Submission System is the official system used by SHU.  This proposal preparation and submission capabilities helps to improve the user experience and expanded automated proposal compliance checking. Read more about electronic submission and administration.

Financial Monitoring
The Office of Grants and Sponsored Accounting (OGA) is responsible for monitoring and executing the post-award administration of sponsored activity for the University. Read more about financial monitoring.

Data Management Plans
Data Services staff and library faculty are available for workshops and one-on-one consultations to help you find, manage, analyze, and visualize the data you need for your coursework and use in your research. Read more about data management plans.

For more details, please refer to the Principal Investigator's Handbook.