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Dante's Journey of Transformation  

Seton Hall University Banner in snow"Dante, pondering his life of exile, radical uncertainty, fragility, and constant moving from place to place…transformed his personal experience, making it a paradigm of the human condition, viewed as a journey—spiritual and physical—that continues until it reaches its goal" –Pope Francis, 2021

Please join us for an evening conversation of Dante's threefold poem, the Divine Comedy. Pope Francis has described the Comedy as "an epic journey, indeed, a true pilgrimage, personal and interior, yet also communal, ecclesial, social and historical." Come discover what we can still learn from this "Prophet of Hope" 700 years after his death.

Like Dante himself, we will be escorted through the three parts of Dante's poem—the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso—by our own expert guides, Drs. Vittorio Montemaggi, Paul Camacho, and Jennifer Martin. They will help us understand and discuss the way in which "Dante reads the depths of the human heart" and "invites us to regain the lost and obscured meaning of our human journey."

Click here to watch a recording of the event.

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