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Stillman School of Business

Stillman School of Business and CEPS Launches the 2024 "Future of Leadership Survey"

LeadershipThe Stillman School's Department of Management and Continuing Education and Professional Studies (CEPS) research team has launched the 2024 edition of its annual, IRB-approved "The Future of Leadership Survey: Insight and Foresight About the Future of Leadership From the Leaders of the Future."

The research team went global with the 2023 Survey. In addition to Seton Hall University students and alumni, the survey was distributed to the target segment across North America including the US Army, Latin America, the EU, China, Japan, Singapore, and Africa receiving more than 5000 responses. In addition to providing insights on leadership perspectives surveyed in the 2021 and 2022 editions, the 2023 survey sought to understand the impact of remote work on leadership development. The survey revealed that remote work has not impeded productivity, nor is the lack of it a primary cause of job dissatisfaction. The primary cause of job dissatisfaction around the world is salary. The survey also reveals that leadership development is normalizing in hybrid work environments - the leaders are communicating effectively, there is enough collaborative work, and people are getting enough work opportunities to stretch beyond their comfort zones. Further, the respondents want and expect their employers to invest further in their leadership development. However, what should be of concern to employers is the survey result that at any given point in time, 70 percent of their employee base is at risk of attrition. The full results of the survey are available here.

The research team, composed of Professors Ruchin Kansal, M.B.A. and Karen Boroff, Ph.D., and M.S. Candidate Bianca Johnson, is targeting the same geographic segments for the 2024 survey. The online survey targets respondents ages 18 to 30 to: 

  • Better understand the expectations of future leaders -college students and recent graduates- regarding the leaders they seek to work with or want to become.
  • Develop insight and foresight on values, competencies and preferred models of leadership development for the future.
  • Understand the impact of new modalities of work and artificial intelligence on job satisfaction and leadership development.

The research team encourages you to take the survey and influence the future of leadership development. Participating in this survey edition will make you a part of the global influencers of leadership development. The team is also requesting help in sharing the survey link within your networks beyond Seton Hall.  

The link to the 2024 Future of Leadership Survey is open till March 15, 2024.

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