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Seton Hall Grad Student Takes Top Honors in NJ State Sales Competition

Jiaqi Liu holding sign

Jiaqi Liu ’23, who is now studying for her MBA, won the NJ State Sales Competition hosted by MJH Life Sciences.

Congratulations to Jiaqi Liu who took first-place honors and won $3,000 in the NJ State Sales Competition hosted by MJH Life Sciences. Liu, who graduated from Seton Hall in 2023 with a B.A. in Public Relations, is now studying for her MBA in Information Technology Management

The NJ State Sales Competition, organized by MJH Life Sciences, presented participants with the challenge of engaging in a two-round case study pitch, involving a buyer simulation evaluated by a panel of industry professionals serving as judges. Liu's performance and innovative approach set her apart from the competition, securing her the first-place honor.

To participate in the competition, undergraduate and graduate students were required to have excellent written and verbal communication skills, be comfortable presenting in front of others, and have a background in sales, marketing, business, or entrepreneurship.

Liu expressed her gratitude to the organizers and her mentors. "When I decided to challenge myself, I didn't think it would come in the form of a sales competition. I am very thankful to Joseph Pietromonico, PRC, and Alex Bi, as well as the team at MJH Life Sciences, for giving me the privilege of participating in their second NJ State Sales Competition."

As an undergraduate Liu thought she wasn't suited to be in the business world and lacked the skills for it. After preparing for the competition, she realized that her public relations background could complement any career path she chose.

"Being an undergrad in the former College of Communication and the Arts allowed me to adopt a different perspective, one that is creative and innovative. So, I used that to my advantage during the sales competition,” she said. “I created handmade fictional business cards for my roleplays, plus handouts for the judges, and I put my public speaking skills to use. Although it was important to understand the business aspect of sales, such as the financials of the products I was pitching or the cost/benefit analysis, it was equally as crucial to communicate all that information in an eloquent manner."

Jiaqi Liu

Jiaqi Liu, center, with the panel of judges at the championship celebration after the competition.

Liu, who hails from Mexico City but was born in China, has been recognized for her achievements consistently. Last month, she was honored as the recipient of the Xinxiao Zhang Memorial Scholarship, further demonstrating her dedication and excellence in academics. During her senior year at Seton Hall, she was awarded the prestigious Betsy Plank Scholarship by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). In 2022, as an undergraduate majoring in Public Relations, she was recognized as "Future PR Pro of the Year" by PRSA NJ.

Seton Hall played a pivotal role in Liu's professional development, providing her with an environment where she could flourish. Liu expressed her gratitude, saying, "A big part of my professional development has come from professors at Seton Hall, mentors, peers and internship opportunities."

The university’s Buccino Leadership Institute also played a crucial role in her development, providing a supportive and nurturing environment for growth. Her cohort consisted of incredibly talented individuals, including journalists, broadcasters and designers.

Her participation in Seton Hall's CommArts Honor Mentor Partners (CHAMP) program, where she was paired with mentor and alumna Joan Bosisio, further propelled her growth. Liu said, "Joan was the type of person who liked to challenge you because she knew you could do more. She helped me see my potential with the many chats we had. Eventually, that summer I interned at her public relations firm, where I was able to gain valuable experience in PR."

Looking to the future, Liu is determined to pursue a career in the tech industry, as she found her passion in the digitization of the world during her junior year. She believes that her MBA in Information Technology Management will equip her with the skills and knowledge to thrive in this rapidly evolving field.

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