Stillman School of Business
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Academic Overview

During the Customer Experience Certificate Program at the Seton Hall University Stillman School of Business, we will address how customer-centric companies are winning brand loyalty and gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our program develops professionals in the evolving CX management field. Participants learn new concepts and methods for managing and building memorable customer experiences that can be replicated in the marketplace. At the program’s completion, you will be armed with strategies to successfully address real-world problems, keeping customers loyal to your brand. You will gain technical and analytical skills through our interdisciplinary curriculum, which provides an understanding of how collaboration enables the new Customer Experience.

Why The Customer Experience Program?

With so many channels for communicating with your customers, the CX field is becoming more complicated than ever. As a result, Customer Experience is evolving into one of the most in-demand fields in the world. Executives understand that companies that deliver a superior customer experience cultivate brand loyalty, and achieve more significant revenues and profitability. The proliferation of social media and customers sharing their experiences online makes Customer Experience more critical than ever.

As firms place greater emphasis on Customer Experience divisions, the job market for CX professionals is expected to expand dramatically. According to Gartner, 50% of consumer product investments will be redirected to customer experience innovation by 2017. New interdisciplinary CX divisions are assuming roles traditionally handled by other disciplines because the customer doesn’t care which department they are speaking to when they need help. They want exemplary service!

Why the Stillman School of Business?

This isn’t a seminar or trade conference. Our project-based, interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to provide you the skills and CX leadership insights needed to move Customer Experience initiatives forward within your organization. You will roll-up your sleeves and participate in interactive sessions. You’ll learn to ask relevant questions, facilitate customer experience methodologies, and gain a deep understanding of what it takes to lead this effort and to communicate the unique value to obtain senior management approvals. You’ll also leave with a Professional CX Capstone Portfolio of tools and resources to apply back at your organization. 

Not only will you advance your education and develop new strategies for the workplace, but at the completion of the program you’ll receive two graduate management elective credits. If you apply and are accepted to the MBA program, you will receive a third credit when you complete a project with Seton Hall faculty. This differentiating factor puts you even further ahead in your journey.

Interdisciplinary Approach

To repeat, your customers don’t care which department within your organization they interact with; they expect an excellent experience. Customer Experience requires organizations to collaborate across disciplines to deliver exceptional customer experiences. In the Seton Hall University Stillman School of Business curriculum, you will work with a designated team to problem solve actual business situations.

Practical Outcomes

Since our faculty writes about and works in the industry, you receive practical, first-hand knowledge. You'll learn the core competencies of a CX leader and develop insights into how to structure a customer-centric organization.

Hands-On Learning

At Seton Hall, our faculty do not lecture. Instead, they conduct and facilitate exercises and simulations to solve real-world problems. Sessions are hands-on and participative, utilizing best-practice methods and frameworks. Should you join the online program, you'll have the option to collaborate in projects and discussions with the faculty and your peers.

Actionable Toolkit

During the program, participants work on a Capstone Project, a hypothetical problem that their team will solve during the program. Participants leave the program armed with their CX Capstone, The Customer Experience Strategic Plan, a blueprint that can be put into effect at your company immediately.  You’ll also receive a Professional CX Portfolio of tools and resources for implementation at your organization.