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Digital Humanities and Data Studies

The Certificate in Digital Humanities and Data Studies offers an engaging, meaningful way to articulate individual interests in the humanities and social sciences with practical digital toolsets. This is a combination of skills that is particularly appealing to employers and vital to lifelong learners. Upon successful completion of the certificate, students will 1. understand how advances in computer processing led to the development of the digital humanities and data studies in fields traditionally thought of as part of the arts and sciences; 2. consider the major issues in the digital humanities and data studies today; 3. understand the theoretical and structural principles underlying digital projects. These include information design and retrieval, user design, and information structures; and 4.  experience working collaboratively on real-world projects.

With a knowledge of Digital Humanities and Data Studies, students can engage in such techniques as:

  • Website design and publishing
  • Data curation, digitization, and archiving
  • Text Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Coding
  • Data Visualization
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Geospatial Analysis and Mapping
  • Multi-media Storytelling
  • Information Design
  • Network Analysis
  • Interface Design
  • Text Mark-up
  • Electronic Research, Digital Publishing


The undergraduate certificate in Digital Humanities and Data Studies consists of four academic courses of 3 credits each, plus a 3-credit internship, for a total of 15 credits. Two of the academic courses must be from computing and data science and two must be from other disciplines. Two internship opportunities are available: DIS 3881: Liberal Arts Internship or an internship in the student's major area.

6 Credits (One of the following):
DAVA 3000 Data Visualization
DAVA 3010 Data Mining
DAVA 3111 Text Mining

Take one of the following:
CSAS 1113 Computing for Science Majors
CSAS 1114 Introduction to Program Design
IISCI 1117 Computing for Informatics
MATH 1203Statistics for Social Sciences
MATH 2111 Statistics for Science Majors
MATH 2711 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
BMIE 1001 Real World Technologies

6 Credits (Take any TWO of the following):
ENGL 3120 Introduction to the Digital Humanities
ADIM 2315 Web Design I
ANTH1210 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
ASIA 1403/RELS 1403History of Asian Religious Reflections
BMIE 1001 Real World Technologies
CAST 3001/CORE 3982 Walking the Sacred Labyrinth
COJR 2433 Reporting the American Past
ENGL3425 City in American Literature
ENGL 3382English Catholic Women Writers of the 17th and 18th Centuries
HIST 1301 American History I (WB)
HIST 1302 American History II (WB)
HIST 2315 History of New York City
POLS 2110 Contemporary U.S. Public Policy
POLS/ENVL 2910 Research Methods
Independent Study course when approved by the coordinator of the certificate

3 Credits:
3-credit Internship (IDIS 3881 or in departmental major) or, with the approval of the program advisor, an additional elective course.

Faculty Listing

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Grace May
Associate Professor
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Golbarg Rekabtalaei
Associate Professor
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Mary Balkun
Professor and Director of Faculty Development
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Joseph Martinelli
Senior, Associate Dean, Development and External Affairs
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