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The Department of Physics provides students with a comprehensive grounding in the laws governing the behavior of matter. The intimate relationship between theory and experiment, and the open, dynamic character of physics are stressed. Topics of current interest in fundamental physics and modern technology receive special emphasis.

What Great Minds Can Do
Fernanda Duarte

Fernanda Duarte

What Great Minds Can Do
Fernanda Duarte

NASA funded Fernanda Duarte’s research as a sophomore at Seton Hall.

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Course Requirements

The physics minor requires a minimum of 18 credits as follows:

Basic Principles of Physics
PHYS 1701-1702 or PHYS 1705-1706 (6 credits)

Laboratory Component
PHYS 1811-1812 or PHYS 1815-1816
PHYS 2883 (2 or 3 credits)

Principles of Modern Physics
PHYS 2185 Introductory Modern Physics (4 credits)

Specialized Electives
PHYS 2112, 2186, 2883, 2894, 3121-3122, 3185-3186, 3217, 4219 or 4211 (6 to 8 credits)

Faculty Listing

Our faculty conduct internationally recognized research and innovative, technologically-enhanced instruction. Grounded in practical experience but exploring the frontiers of their disciplines, they are models of academic excellence.

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Jose Lopez posing
Jose Lopez
Professor of Physics
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Headshot of Weining Wang. posing
Weining Wang
Associate Professor of Physics
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Eerie Morales posing
Erie Morales
Physics Professor
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