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supply chain management
Master of Business Administration (STEM M.B.A.)

Supply Chain Management

Through this STEM-designated M.B.A. program, you'll become an expert in both the analytic and the technical methods you need to optimize supply chain systems. 
You'll learn about the process of transferring raw materials into finished goods, and the links between manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and vendors—all crucial parts of the business process in supply chain management.

As a result of this well-rounded education, our students have won scholarships and national honors from supply chain organizations including the Containerization & Intermodal Institute and the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals. We also have an active student chapter of the Association for Supply Chain Management (APICS), the premier professional association for supply chain management and operations.

STEM Designated Supply Chain Management Program

By 2028 it is estimated that there will be more than a million jobs in the STEM field. In preparation, this STEM designated supply chain management program will equip you to utilize technology, data and business analytics to make effective business decisions and solve complex business problems.

The STEM designation offers an additional benefit by allowing international students to apply to extend their 12-month optional practical training (OPT) by an additional 24 months. 

What Can You Do With an MBA With a Specialization in Supply Chain Management?

With an MBA specializing in Supply Chain Management, professionals are equipped to manage and optimize the end-to-end flow of goods, information, and finances in a global business environment. Graduates can pursue leadership roles in various industries, including manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and logistics. Specific supply chain management positions might include Supply Chain Analyst, Procurement Manager, Logistics Director, and Operations Consultant. Beyond traditional supply chain functions, an MBA also prepares individuals for strategic roles, where they can influence business decisions, manage supplier relationships, and ensure sustainable and ethical sourcing practices. Furthermore, the comprehensive business training that comes with an MBA allows for versatility, enabling graduates to transition into related areas like operations management, business development, or even entrepreneurship, where efficiencies in supply chain management can be a pivotal success factor.

What career opportunities are available for International Students with a STEM-Designated M.B.A. in Supply Chain Management?

International students with a STEM-designated MBA in Supply Chain Management are in high demand for roles in logistics, procurement, and operations management across various sectors. The extended OPT period afforded by the STEM designation not only allows for up to three years of practical work experience in the U.S. but also enhances their prospects of being sponsored for an H-1B visa, given employers' keen interest in retaining professionals skilled in optimizing supply chains. This combination of practical experience and the potential for longer-term work authorization underpins their value in the global marketplace for supply chain management.


  • 83 US News Best Part-time M.B.A. Ranking
  • 25% of Faculty Collaborate with Students on Projects
  • 40 Average Credits for Degree
  • 20 Hours of Student Volunteer Service
Tamia Wallace

The Stillman Difference


Seton Hall offers a top-ranked, accredited M.B.A. for working professionals that transforms concepts into practice.

Amy Marks

"As a student with a non-traditional background in education and human services, the Stillman School provided me with the confidence, knowledge and skillset to pivot my career directly into working for a Fortune 100 company within my field of study."

Amy Marks, M.B.A. ’18/M.A. '18
Supply Chain Business Analyst, Pfizer


With a focus on an ethics-centered education, our M.B.A. starts with a core curriculum that covers accounting, economics, the behavioral and quantitative sciences, and the functional areas of business.

To round out your business education, you'll select several electives from a field in the M.B.A. curriculum other than supply chain management.

Be prepared to go beyond theory and work with real-world data and examples. You'll join faculty to solve problems that arise in actual supply chains, and visit our corporate partners, AT&T's Global Network Operations Center and Maher Terminals, Port of New York/New Jersey to get a firsthand look at these complex supply chains.

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Distinguished Lecture Series in Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management

Executive Lessons Learned in Analytics, Advanced Technologies and Supply Chain Management
Presented by the Stillman School of Business, Chaired by Renu Ramnarayanan, Ph.D., Department of Computing and Decision Sciences

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Program Faculty

Many of our full-time faculty have attended top Ph.D. programs and are in demand as lecturers, consultants and media experts. Stillman School faculty provide an academic experience characterized by high faculty-student engagement, often partnering with students on research and other projects.

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Penina Orenstein
Associate Professor of Computing and Decision Sciences
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David Rosenthal
Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Computing and Decision Sciences
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Sung Shim
Associate Professor of Computing and Decision Sciences
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A Top M.B.A. for Working Professionals

The Stillman School of Business offers an ethics-centered graduate education that "transforms concepts into business practice." We are among the top 1 percent of business schools worldwide that have achieved both business and accounting accreditation from The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Known for academic excellence, the school's M.B.A. program is consistently named a Princeton Review "Best Business School" and a U.S. News "Top Business School for Part-time MBAs."

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