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International Relations and Diplomacy students
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

International Economics and International Relations

In our interconnected world, countries depend on each other for investment, trade and other financial transactions. The study of economics, viewed through a lens of global interdependence, allows students to analyze and understand the impact trade agreements, development policies, currency rates and other economic factors have on financial markets, the environment, governments and, most importantly, citizens. 

The program’s economics curriculum is centered around building quantitative and analytical skills through classes such as statistics and banking. The international relations component of the major examines international economics, sustainable development, law and international organizations, among other topics.  Students will have opportunities -- in the classroom, at campus-based research centers and through professional internships  -- to develop highly sought after skills that can be applied to careers in business, government, and internationally focused organizations.

By the Numbers

  • 25 Countries Represented
  • 17 Full-Time Faculty
  • 4 Research Centers
  • 600+ Internship Partners
Seton Hall Student

The Art of Diplomacy

Seton Hall’s School of Diplomacy is a laboratory of learning and action, committed to the professional development of a diverse, service-driven student community.


The curriculum for this program draws on the notable academic strengths of both the School of Diplomacy and International Relations and the Stillman School of Business. As part of the International Economic and International Relations major, students are required to study a foreign language, complete a capstone research project and pursue a professional internship.

Courses and classroom discussions are enriched by a diverse student body, interactions with visiting international leaders and by real-world, practical perspectives from distinguished faculty. 

The course of study allows students to deepen their understanding of complex global challenges. In addition to Core requirements, courses for this major include these:

  • Finite Mathematics with Calculus for Business
  • Statistic Models for Social Sciences
  • Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
  • Principles of Economics I and II
  • Money and Banking
  • International Economics
  • International Relations
  • Public International Law
  • Investigating International Relations
  • Research Project


The School of Diplomacy’s director of internships works one-on-one with students to tailor the school's internship experiences to individual interests. Students receive personalized advice based on their career goals.

Here are just a few of the internship opportunities our students have pursued recently.

Learn more about internships and career development.


Faculty are dedicated scholars and practitioners with diverse backgrounds. They bridge the gap between theory and practice - in the classroom and beyond.

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