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About the Center

The Center for Sport Management at Seton Hall University has built a solid national and international reputation for excellence in sport management education, and was among the first to offer an undergraduate business degree in sport management and an AACSB-accredited M.B.A. with a sport management concentration.

The Center offers some of the leading business degree programs in sport management in the country. This interdisciplinary program includes courses in sport law, management, marketing, economics and finance, and prepares students for positions in professional and intercollegiate athletics and the industries that serve them. Students gain exposure to all facets of the business of sport, including sport sponsorship relationships, team and league equity issues, player management labor relations, and a wide variety of ethical dilemmas facing business professionals in both professional and amateur athletics.

The program prepares students for internal positions in sport management organizations; sport marketing firms; licensing and apparel marketing; radio and television programming; and events and facilities management. Industry employers frequently look to the Center for qualified interns and for continuing education opportunities for their employees.  Seton Hall's close proximity to the heart of the sport industry and networking opportunities, contribute to the provision of quality internship and employment opportunities for its students.

In addition, the Center for Sport Management launched the Seton Hall University Sports Poll at the Sharkey Institute  in January 2006. The poll addresses controversial issues in the world of sports including steroids, gambling, gender discrimination and commercialization. The poll is student run and gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in phone techniques, statistical work and survey research. The Polling Center is also used for sales training in marketing and professional selling courses.