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Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship acknowledges the broader role of innovation and entrepreneurial skills in our lives and in our futures. Whether our students desire to launch a company or work for a large corporation, it is the innovators and problem solvers – the true entrepreneurs- who create new ideas, products and services that better our society. 

The Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship fosters the collaboration of faculty, students, alumni and entrepreneurs through an array of initiatives that advance entrepreneurial learning at Seton Hall University. Learn More »

Academic Programs

Students learn about the overall entrepreneurial process and acquire the skills and tools they need to succeed from the launch of a new business to the successful growth of that business. Students are required to complete four 3-credit courses.

Leading with Excellence

Susan ScherreikSusan Scherreik has been named a 2022 NJ Entrepreneurship Influencer in Higher Education. ROI-NJ selected Scherreik as one of the top 10 entrepreneurship education leaders in the state based on their influence and impact at their schools and the business community and, above all, for creating creative, innovative and impactful entrepreneur programs.

"The founding director of Seton Hall’s Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Scherreik brings energy and passion to the program. Under her direction, the center has fundraised more than $2.15 million since its inception in 2003.

Scherreik created the center’s annual Pirates Pitch for High School Students as well as the Collegiate Pirates Pitch Startup Competition. Additionally, she launched an undergraduate entrepreneur boot camp and the Pirates LaunchPad summer accelerator program at Seton Hall."

Students Visit Tech Venture Firm

In December 2022, 20 Seton Hall students visited Fusion Health, a rapidly growing technology company owned by Stillman alumnus and entrepreneur Bryan Jakovcic ’09. Students received a tour of the company’s facilities, plus lunch with Jakovcic and other top-level employees. 

Flickr Visit to Fusion Health

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52606972869 2-2212_FusionHealth_004
52606716176 3-2212_FusionHealth_005
52606216182 4-2212_FusionHealth_006
52606972854 5-2212_FusionHealth_007
52607137565 6-2212_FusionHealth_008
52607212938 7-2212_FusionHealth_009
52606216157 8-2212_FusionHealth_010
52606716166 9-2212_FusionHealth_011
52607137545 10-2212_FusionHealth_012
52607137530 11-2212_FusionHealth_013
52606216122 12-2212_FusionHealth_014

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Photo Cred: Ben Lowe 

Revolutionizing Financial Services

Gabino RocheAfter Gabino Roche graduated in 1998 he headed to Wall Street for success at McKinsey & Co.  Leveraging his corporate knowledge, he launched Saphyre, a fintech startup revolutionizing financial services by digitizing and speeding the pre-trading space, while providing trading and post-trade benefits for financial institutions at the same time.

Read more about Gabino Roche »

2021 Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Honorees 

A photo of Frank T. Cannone and Bryan J. Jakovcic Congratulations to two of Seton Hall University’s most successful innovators and changemakers: Frank T. Cannone, J.D. ’91, Chair, Corporate Group, Gibbons P.C., and Bryan J. Jakovcic ’09, President and Owner, Fusion Health.