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Alissa Lopez, Winner from 2019 Pirates Pitch Competition.
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


In the Entrepreneurship Concentration, students develop their entrepreneurial mindset in a way that fits their individual interests and ambitions. They learn the knowledge and skills needed to create a new business, to start a new social enterprise, launch a new venture in a corporate setting and or refresh an existing enterprise.

Entrepreneurship Concentration Requirements:
Students concentrating in Entrepreneurship must maintain an average GPA of 2.5 or higher in their concentration courses. Given the multidisciplinary nature of entrepreneurship, all students pursing a concentration in Entrepreneurship are required to have an additional concentration in any field. Students who are launching businesses before graduation may apply for a waiver from the department chair of this requirement.

By The Numbers

  • #1 Leadership Development Program Nationwide
  • 95% Career-Related Employment Rate for Graduates
  • 100% Students with 1+ Internships Completed

Ethics and Real-World Learning

At the Stillman School of Business, we transform concepts into practice. Our mission is to enrich each student’s life through an ethics-based education.

Luke Tyler

"In classes we learn a lot about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and there are also boot camps and start-up competitions to apply those lessons to real-world problem solving."

Luke Tyler
Class of 2022


In addition, students must complete the following:

Required Entrepreneurship Foundation Courses (6 credits):

  • BMGT 4640 Innovation and Entrepreneurship – This course is an introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship and is designed to help students see opportunities in the marketplace and create a business that can solve problems for their customers.  Through discussions, lectures, and experiential activities, students will learn to apply best-practice approaches to designing, developing and running your own innovation-driven business (prerequisite BMGT 2501).
  • BMGT 4565 Creativity and Innovation – Students learn the creativity, innovation, prototyping and problem solving skills needed for successful entrepreneurship in any context. (prerequisite BMGT 2501).

Required Entrepreneurship Focus Courses (choose 1 course for 3 credits):

  • BMGT 3442 Social Entrepreneurship – students learn how to apply entrepreneurship concepts to address social issues, with an emphasis on the triple bottom line. Prerequisites: BMGT 4640, BMGT 4565.
  • BMGT 4566 Starting a Business – using the principle effectuation and the concept of minimum viable product, students start the launch of a business or nonprofit. Prerequisites: BMGT 4640, BMGT 4565.

Entrepreneurship Application Course (Choose 1 course for 3 credits):
After completing the Required Entrepreneurship Foundation courses, students will select one of the following application courses. The courses allow students to apply entrepreneurship concepts in a context related to their own personal career objectives.

  • BMGT 4602 Directed Research Entrepreneurship
  • BMGT 4654 Internship in Entrepreneurship – students will apply entrepreneurial skills as they work in a start-up, established business organization or nonprofit.
  • BMGT 4567 Entrepreneurship Lab Students will leverage the resources available on campus (e.g., 3-D printer, focus group room, graphic design department) to turn their innovative idea into a company or nonprofit through real-world hands-on learning and intensive mentoring and feedback. The class is geared for students who already have a business idea or a fledgling startup and desire to get to the next level.

Entrepreneurship Elective Course (Choose 1 course for 3 credits):
(note: this list includes the same courses as the electives for the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies)

  • BMKT/BMGT 4629 Sales and Personal Selling
  • BMGT 4566 Starting a Business (if BMGT 3442 Social Entrepreneurship is taken as the focus course)
  • BMGT 3442 Social Entrepreneurship (if BMGT 4566 Starting a Business is taken as the focus course)
  • BLAW 4310 NA Advanced Topics (Law and Entrepreneurship)
  • BMGT 3524 Doing Business in India
  • BMGT 4552 China in the Global Economy
  • BMGT 4560 Project Management
  • BMGT 4562 Negotiation
  • BMGT/BSPM 4535 The Management of Sport Organizations
  • BMKT 4625 Retail Marketing
  • BMKT 4631 Advertising Management
  • BMKT 4633 Product Management and Development
  • BMKT 4637 Services Marketing
  • BFIN 4251/BAAC 3116 Financial Statement Analysis
  • BFIN 3211 Financial Strategy
  • BMGT 3641/BITM 3741 Supply Chain Management
  • BACC 3115 Cost Accounting
  • BMKT 3611 Marketing Research
  • BMKT 4612 Quantitative Marketing Research

Students who do not wish to pursue the Concentration in Entrepreneurship may instead pursue the Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Classroom of entrepreneurship students and faculty.

Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship advances hands-on entrepreneurial learning and fosters an entrepreneurial spirit in our students. The business community and alumni entrepreneurs help shape curriculum and mentor students to prepare them for entrepreneurial endeavors, whether they work for a large corporation, mid-sized company or a start-up.

Faculty Listing

elizabeth mccrea faculty posing
Elizabeth McCrea
Associate Professor of Management
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Susan Scherreik posing
Susan Scherreik
Founding Director, Stillman Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Pamela Adams posing
Pamela Adams
Associate Professor of Management
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Benjamin Lowe
Lecturer of Finance
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