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The Center for Catholic Studies

Student Scholarships

Through its Bachelor of Arts curriculum, the program in Catholic Studies at Seton Hall University provides students with a comprehensive liberal arts education exploring the interaction of Catholicism with the major disciplines and throughout various cultures in the world. In an effort to help meet students' needs who wish to major or minor in Catholic Studies, the Center for Catholic Studies supports the following scholarships for students in the Department of Catholic Studies program:

Scholarships for Catholic Studies Majors

Criteria: Catholic Studies declared major, Sophomore or Junior Standing, 3.0 GPA

Scholarships for Catholic Studies Minors

Criteria:  Catholic Studies declared minor; Sophomore or Junior standing; 3.0 GPA

The Reverend Richard M. Nardone ('50) Scholarship

Criteria: full-time Catholic Studies major or minor, 3.0 GPA, demonstrates financial need

The Father Walter Debold Scholarship

Awarded to support Catholic Studies students who are studying abroad.

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